10 Ways To Make Your Life A Little Bit Easier Than It Has Been

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1. Don’t take things so personally.

It’s okay to be sensitive. But taking a step back and evaluating a situation from a viewpoint outside your own might help you to understand where someone is coming from, why they might have done what they did.

You think someone didn’t answer your text on purpose but in actuality they are busy.

You think someone didn’t invite you somewhere because they don’t like you but have you ever conveyed you’d like to be included.

It’s easy to take things personally and think everyone might be out to get you but that negative mindset will only attract more negative things and the sooner you realize, some people aren’t thinking about the way you feel in a situation and don’t mean harm, the easier it’ll be for you to just brush it off.

We have enough things in our life to be upset about, don’t add more to that list than you need yo.

2. Understand not everything is about you.

Our world revolves around us and the way we perceive things but not everything is about us. If someone is unkind to us, it’d be easy to say that person doesn’t like me because of xyz. When you take yourself out of the picture you realize, maybe how someone treated you has nothing to do with you. Maybe they had a bad day, maybe they got into a fight with someone they care about, maybe something really horrible happened and they don’t how to process their emotions. Looking at situations and seeing them for what they are sometimes starts with being able to remove yourself from the picture and viewing it objectively.

3. Don’t assume the worst of everyone and everything.

Sometimes we project the outcome of things based on the fact we attracted it ourselves. Do you ever find yourself saying, “I knew that would happen?” Your fear of something going wrong is what causes it to unfold that way. We attract everything we bring into our lives. So if there is something or someone you aren’t happy with, look at the way you talk to yourself, look at the way you carry yourself, listen to the tone in which you talk about something.

The conversations we have with ourselves are just as important as the conversations we have with others, sometimes more.

4. Set realistic achievable goals.

Goals are so important to not just achievement but for overall happiness. It’s important though to set realistic small goals that won’t deter you away or intimidate you. You have to set goals according to you and the way you are as a person in this moment.

If you set a goal based on the person you want to be rather than who you are you are likely to fail. You’ll feel defeated and beat yourself up for not achieving it. A lot of people fail not because they can’t achieve their end goal but sometimes they are focusing too much on the end rather than this moment.

5. Stop make excuses.

It’s easy to blame people and circumstances for why we aren’t where we are or why we haven’t achieved what we wanted to achieve. When you point at others and focus on that it takes your attention away from yourself. But the moment you realize the only person standing in the way of you and achieving your goal is you yourself, you’ll want to change that.

Whatever you want, it’s within your reach you just have to let go of excuses and what you hang onto is the belief you have in yourself. The moment you shift from standing in your own way to being your number one fan, you won’t let anything stop you.

6. Don’t wait for right moments.

There is never going to be a right moment to do things and if you keep waiting for that and keep waiting for some sign, you’ll be waiting your whole life. If something feels right, do it and figure out the rest later.

7. Just try and be better than the person you were yesterday.

We all get caught up in comparing ourselves to others and the lives they lead. But what we see in everyone else’s life are their highlight reels and the moments they project out into the world. When you compare yourself to that, it’s never going to be fair or even.

What you see in your own life are the things you struggle with, the bad days you have, the things you have to overcome. No one is broadcasting their bad moments for everyone to see. That’s what everyone keeps hidden. So instead of comparing your life to someone else’s just strive to make today better than yesterday.

If you’re jealous of the way someone looks or the things they’ve achieved, you can either be bitter about it or strive to get there too. Instead of feeling defeated every time you see someone who looks the way you want to or in a financial situation you’d love to be in doing a job you wish you had, use that as fuel to one day get there. Jealousy doesn’t help you achieve goals but what does is what you’re willing to do to get there.

Every time you look at where someone is and compare it to where you are, you taking focus away from your own path.

The only person you should be striving to be better than is the person you were the day before.

8. Take what is yours and don’t feel bad about it.

You have every right to take what you want in your life. If there is something you think you deserve and it’s something you’ve worked for go for it. Hold nothing back. Remember the worst thing anyone can say when going after the thing you want is no. And with enough people saying no, someone will say yes eventually.

9. Learn to let go of things not meant for you.

You gotta stop living in the past. Stop holding grudges. Stop being angry at yourself for the mistake you made even though you learned. Stop letting exes waltz back into your life like you’ve been waiting for them. Stop dwelling. Stop thinking the past was better than it actually was. You can’t change things or relive them, all you have is right now, this moment to make tomorrow, a past you look back at fondly years down the road.

10. Do something greater than yourself.

Help others. Never stop trying to make someone else’s life better. Because as much as we think our lives are about us and this world we’ve created more than anything it’s about how you enter the world and impact those around you. You legacy will live longer than you do, generations of people’s character will be based on who you are today and what you teach them. How you get remember has nothing to you with you and everything to do with how you treat people either making their lives better or worse.

We think our life is about us it’s about every person we’ve ever met, every encounter we’ve ever had and the hearts we touch.

It’d be selfish to think your life is only yours because it isn’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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