3 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Boyfriends



Scorpios are extremely introverted but in a social setting mask it very well. At a party, they will come across as charismatic and charming which might be the reason so many women are drawn to them. But after the party, they need time to recharge their batteries and just be alone. Don’t take it personally when they pull away and need to be alone. Scorpios might be the most difficult to understand and get along with but when they love they do it hard and are so loyal. Out of any signs, Scorpios make the best boyfriend for their loyalty and dedication to you. They don’t forgive easily so once you cross them, they never forget. Scorpios will always go out of their way to make you happy because so much of your happiness makes up their own. While they don’t mean to come across as unkind or harsh they say things that are brutally honest. All of it comes from a very genuine place and while their heart is guarded once you break through their walls, they will teach how to love the right way.


Geminis fall very quickly and can look at someone and confidently say they see a future. While they don’t fear these things sometimes partners are turned off by the complete confidence they have in the relationship from the start. A Gemini man is the definition of a true gentleman and it isn’t just an act being as polite and respectful as he is. They will always listen to what you have to say and try very hard to understand where you are coming from. They take on more than they can handle sometimes but they’ll never want to let you down and they’ll do everything to ensure they don’t. Geminis aren’t the funniest of signs but they will always try and make you laugh. As a boyfriend, they will motivate you to achieve more and do better than you ever thought possible, what you see in the mirror differs from what they see and they will never stop reminding you of all the good you process.


Libra’s stand for peace and justice. They always want to things to be okay and do everything to avoid fights. Out of any signs, libras treat their significant others the best showering them in an abundance of gifts and love. They will never say no to you even if it’s difficult for them to find a way to get there, they will figure it out and ensure you can count on them. They are reliable in every sense of the word but don’t expect that in return. They have a lot of friends and are very popular but can count real friends on one hand. They have people lined up to date them but they are very particular in who they invest their hearts into. They will never pick a fight with you but they will be the first to end one. While they might come across as flirty in reality they just are overly kind to everyone. So the person he does date can’t be the jealous type. When they fall in love they do it by every romance book in an attempt to sweep someone off their feet. Most people they are too good for, so if you find yourself in love with a Libra count your blessings and don’t let them go.

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