15 Ways You’re Making Your Life A Little More Difficult Than It Needs To Be


1. You aren’t letting go of the past.

The past isn’t something that’s supposed to haunt you as much as it is. You’re allowed to let it go. When you dwell too much in the past you become depressed.

2. You fear the future.

The future isn’t something that’s supposed to scare you but something you’re supposed to look forward to. But when you focus too much on the future you become anxious and mess up moments that are in the present.

3. You aren’t forgiving yourself.

Everyone fucks up. It’s human nature. But you keep holding your mistakes over your head like it’s going to change the outcome of what’s happened. All you can do is accept what’s happened and move forward.

4. Or learning from your mistakes.

You keep making the same mistakes and not actually learning. It’s like you’re doing the same things but expecting different results out of it. If you want any chance at being happy, you have to recognize your mistakes and alter your behavior so you don’t repeat it.

5. You’re choosing to be negative.

Negative self-talk is the root to a lot of people’s unhappiness. Choosing negative people who don’t lift you up but continue to bring you down will only allow this cycle to continue. If something isn’t positive don’t bother saying it. Negativity. Gossip. Drama. These are all things that will make your life worse if you get caught up in it.

6. You’re expectations are painfully high.

Having high expectations is good. Having expectations no one can reach and watching as everyone or even yourself falls short isn’t healthy. People can only do our best and that will never be perfect.

7. You keep standing completely still afraid to do anything.

You want to change things in your life but you are too afraid to do anything at all. You’re afraid to make the wrong move that you aren’t making any at all.

8. You aren’t doing anything that scares you.

You gotta take chances. You gotta do something often that scares the shit out of you even a little. Those things keep life exciting.

9. You aren’t good enough for yourself.

You keep comparing yourself to everyone else. If you look at others as the competition you’re always going to lose. If you look at yourself and just try and be better than you were the day before it’s only then you’ll see improvement.

10. You’re aren’t doing something greater than yourself.

Volunteer. Do something with charity. When you get involved in anything greater than yourself you’ll become a better version of who you are and what you are able to amount to.

11. You aren’t taking what’s yours.

Don’t be afraid to go after the things you want. Have the confidence to take the things that are yours and don’t just watch someone else go after the thing you want. If you want anything in life go for it.

12. You are choosing the wrong people.

Stop going back to the same people who continue to hurt you. Stop giving people too many chances. Stop choosing people you know aren’t good for your well-being. You know when a relationship is healthy. Stop choosing the ones that drain you.

13. You get jealous easily.

Jealousy derives from a lack of confidence. Lack of confidence makes you say and do things that are unkind. You put others down because of things you lack that they don’t. Instead of looking at someone and getting jealous work to build yourself up that no one can shake you.

14. You aren’t doing something you love.

Happiness comes from doing something you love. So many of us get caught in doing something we hate and for one reason or another, we put our own happiness on the back burner when your happiness should be your number one priority. Don’t settle for a career. Find something you love doing and you look forward to doing.

15. And you’re too afraid to quit what you don’t.

And if you don’t like it, stick it out for as long as you can until you find something else that will make you happier. We fail to realize happiness is in our own hands but we have to make the choice to want to be happy and pursue the things that will get us there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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