The Honest Truth Is Her Best Friend Hates You

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The truth is her best friend hates you the way she should.

But she’s emotionally invested in you. She tolerates all this bullshit you continue to throw at her. She tolerates the games. She answers every time even though she knows she shouldn’t. You jump and she says how high. You tell her to meet you somewhere and she’s already on her way before you can cancel or change plans. She feeds into that ego boost you need. She lets you get away with a lot.

What you don’t see is the emotional toll it’s taking on her being treated this way. You’re not the one who sees her analyzing every text hoping there’s something between the lines there. You aren’t the one seeing how she interrupts everything. You aren’t up with her at night wondering why you said what you said. You aren’t there wiping her tears or watching as she drinks the pain away only to have it all hit her at once. You aren’t there holding her hand encouraging her to leave and every time she tries to you pull her back in.

Her heart breaks loving someone like you and her best friend’s heart breaks watching her self-destruct thinking love hurts this much.

Because her best friend knows this isn’t love.

Her friend hates you because she sees what you are doing. You’re making her some option. You’re assuming she’ll always be there just because she has in the past. You think you can get away with whatever you want. But it will catch up to you.

The truth is she believes in you. She’s holding onto hope. But she’ll get tired of waiting, watching hoping and trying so hard for someone.

Her best friend is telling her she deserves more, she deserves better, she should let you go and walk away. Her best friend thinks you’re the biggest piece of shit for what you are doing to her.

You can’t hook up with her then tell her you don’t like her.

You can’t tell her you like her but right now is not the right time.

You can’t use her as you want to even if she’s letting you get away with it.

Her best friend hates you for all of this. And you better pray to God you don’t cross paths.

While she’s fumbling through your texts and mixed signals her best friend is looking forward to your encounter. She’s looking forward to giving you a piece of her mind. She’s looking forward to ripping you to shreds in ways you can’t even comprehend.

She loves that girl in ways you don’t understand. She’ll protect her even in the moments she’s causing her own self-destruction. And she does not tolerate watching her being taken advantage of and used.

Her best friend knows her worth. And she constantly reminds her of it. And at the end of all this, it won’t be you standing next to her but her best friend picking up the broken pieces of the chaos you created in her life.

Her best friend hates you so even if you get your head out of your ass and realize her worth you two will never be together because her best friend won’t allow her to settle for someone like you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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