Guys, If You’re Wondering Where All The Quality Girls Are, You’re Friendzoning Them

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You know how she feels, only you aren’t doing anything about it.

She’s nice. She treats you well. And she cares.

You know no matter how you treat her it won’t change the way she treats you.

She makes it easy.

So you keep her tucked away like some backup plan.

In case all those girls you go for, don’t answer or leave you stag.

You know she’d be anywhere you’d ask her to and do anything you’d want.

But there is something about these other types of girls.

You know the ones you want but can’t have.

The ones who play as good of a game as you do.

The ones who keep you on your toes.

But the only thing each of you are gaining from it is who cares less and who can show that.

Meanwhile this other girl has given you her absolute best.

She’s the one who answers too quickly and cares too deeply.

And makes things a little too obvious.

She’s the one you know your mom would like.

And that’s the problem. You know she’d be good for yet there is something holding you back.

There’s nothing mysterious about her.

There’s nothing about her that keeps you guessing.

She’s blunt and honest and forward to a point where it leaves you speechless because you don’t know what to say to her sometimes.

Unlike the other girls, yes they both have confidence but it’s a different type of confidence. It’s a confidence in who she is and how she feels when the other one is confident that you want her.

You know the girl plays you. She answers back hours later. She keeps you wondering what exactly she’s doing, that she opened your snap but isn’t answering. And it irks you. Because we all want what we can’t have.

Guys, you claim you want a decent girl but the second you meet one, you don’t see it or choose not to. You look at her flaws as excuses to reject her. You look for every reason you shouldn’t give it a go. And the truth is if you look for reasons you’ll always find them. You turn her down before you even give her a fair shot.

But you also like having her there. You like knowing someone likes you even if you can’t reciprocate it. Anyone’s confidence gets boosted when someone cares for them.

So you pull her in just a little so you know you have her, then you push her away just to watch her try harder. One day you appear to care and the next you appear heartless. It’s a game with you.

But the thing about good girls is they don’t play by those rules.

They just do their own thing and hope one day it works.

So while you are fumbling through how you feel, caring about the attention of girls, who play games as good as you do, what you’re really missing out on is a chance to fall for someone who won’t keep you guessing.

Someone whose love will heal you.

Someone who will make you better.

Maybe you aren’t ready for someone like her.

We think love is something that’s supposed to be hard to get but there are some girls who make it easy because it’s supposed to be.

Guys , you wonder why you haven’t met a good girl? You have but you’re telling yourself she isn’t what you want.

Sometimes though the things we want in life aren’t always what’s best for us but we owe it to ourselves to take a chance at the things we need.

And maybe you don’t know how much you need her yet.

It kills me to see these girls look at their reflection not with admiration but with questions wondering why they aren’t good enough.

It kills me to see these girls try so hard only to not get it reciprocated.

It kills me to see girls thinking they need to change to be what he wants.

She never stops trying. She stands beside him being what he needs when he’s everything she wants. And she plays the friend role listening as he speaks about other women, complaining about this one and that one. And she’s just standing there wondering, “how does someone not see him the way I do?” But she stays quiet. She plays the role he needs her to because that’s what friends do.

Being just friends is a form of selfless love that is deeper than any.

Girls, I promise you the love you give is something that comes back to you.

Your ability to love unconditionally when you aren’t gaining much out of it in return makes you one of the most beautiful people because of it.

You’re loving someone just to love them without having to make them yours.

To those girls, I say keep loving as hard as you do. Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.

And maybe you aren’t getting the relationship you want because you deserve more. You deserve someone who knows they want you and only you. You deserve someone who wouldn’t dare make the mistake of making you just a friend.

And to every guy who wonders where the quality girls are in their life, I want you to look at the one girl standing right next to you, because she’s right there and she’s probably been there a while, trying so hard to get you to notice her.

Take a chance on her because if you don’t someone else will and that’s when you’re going to regret it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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