17 Things To Know Before Dating The Guy Who Is Close With His Mom


Mommy’s boys have a bad rep. The spoiled ones who can’t take care of themselves and always call their mom on speed dial when something is wrong. The honest truth about guys that are close with their moms, is they are actually the best types of guys to fall for.

1. He knows how to treat a woman.

He grew up treating his mother like a queen and chances are he’ll treat you the same way too. If there’s one thing she’s taught him, it’s to respect women and treat them well.

2. He doesn’t shy away from emotions.

He’s probably more sensitive than the average guy because he has a close relationship with his mom. It doesn’t make him any less of a man. He doesn’t try and hides the fact guys feel things too, sometimes even deeper than girls. She’s taught him that it’s okay to be like that.

3. He’s thoughtful.

Just as he’s put thought into everything he’s ever done for his mom, he’ll put the same effort into you. He’ll knock you off your feet on holidays because that’s what you deserve and he’s been raised to give women in his life everything they deserve.

4. He’s proof that chivalry isn’t dead.

Holding doors, pulling out chairs, taking your coat and paying for things are all things you can expect. While most guys put on some act for a little while to impress you, to him this is a way of life not just something to do for a little while.

5. He’s going to look for someone who is strong like his mother.

He knows the best woman in his life is his mother and he’d be lucky to end up with someone like that. So that’s what he looks for. She’s fought battles growing up only now as an adult he understands and respects her even more for it. So he’s not looking for someone who doesn’t have that same strength. He looks for someone he hasn’t always had it easy. Those are the strongest women.

6. He’s a good guy and doesn’t feel the need to hide it.

He doesn’t have to put on an act. He’s proud of who he is and takes pride in it. To him, he’s not an exception but rather being the type of person you should be. It comes naturally. To everyone else they look at him with admiration for the man he is.

7. He’ll be honest to a fault.

If he’s ever lied growing up, chances are his mother caught him in it so fast. She taught him the importance of being honest always. He knows you’ll never get in trouble if you tell the truth.

8. He’s good at communicating.

If having a close relationship with a woman has taught him anything, it’s the importance of being very clear with what you say. It’s in talking everything out and finding a solution before something turns into an even bigger problem. While most guys lack communication skills and an ability to clearly articulate things, he doesn’t.

9. And will always apologize when he’s wrong.

He doesn’t just brush things under the rug when he’s wrong. He’ll own up to it before you can even get upset about it and he’ll make it up to you. He knows no one is perfect but he’ll do his best.

10. He won’t speak badly about his mother ever.

If there is one person he will never bad mouth it’s his mom. To him, she’s the best person in his life and she means absolutely everything to him. So don’t ever say anything mean you.

11. And he won’t introduce you unless you’re something special.

He won’t introduce you unless he’s serious about you. And she’ll welcome you with open arms, always skeptical because she knows the type of boy she raised deserves the best person.

12. Her approval is essential.

If she doesn’t like you, it’s over.

13. She’ll look at you in hopes you love him the way he deserves.

All any mom wants is someone who adores her son as much as she does.

14. And can take care of him as she as.

She’s spent most of her life devoted to him and making sure he turned out okay. And she’ll never stop looking out for him or taking care of him. She just wants someone who is worthy enough to stand beside him and deserves him.

15. Don’t ever make him choose between you two. You’ll lose.

The battle between a mother and a girlfriend will never end in your favor. Understand and respect their relationship.

16. Remember she’s the reason he’s the person he is.

That same guy you might be in love with is the person he is because of his mother. Everything you love, she made him that person so if anything, you should be as grateful for her as he is. But more than that respect her for it.

17. It’ll warm your heart seeing them together.

Seeing the way he treats her will make you fall for him all over again.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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