18 Reasons You Should Love Someone With A Deep Soul


1. They don’t understand dating today.

What they’ve come to understand about dating is no one knows how to do it right these days. So they choose to be that exception. Which has made dating for them difficult. They don’t succumb to what is ‘normal.’ They still believe in old fashion dating and chivalry. They will be the one who makes you step up your game if you want even a bit of a chance.

2. They will always have genuine intentions.

They aren’t malicious. They never want to hurt someone’s feelings. They really want what is best and they’ll always want what’s best for you and help you to figure out what that is.

3. They will always be honest.

They don’t gain anything by lying. They will be so honest with you, you’ll question it at first. Then you’ll come to learn how rare it is. You’ll learn to trust them in a way you don’t trust anyone else.

4. They have wisdom beyond their years.

People with deep souls tend to just be born with wisdom beyond their years. Which has made it hard for them to relate to people their age. They have an understanding of what is actually important in life and they know how to let go of the things that aren’t. They get ‘it’ even if you don’t know what that ‘it’ is, they simplistically understand things without words. And they’ll understand you in a way you’re still learning yourself.

5. They are more sensitive than most.

They hurt easy but they’ll never hurt you back. Instead of getting angry they will try and see things from your perspective. Their ability to step into someone else’s shoes and understand will amaze you.

6. They will win over your parents.

Deep souls connect better with people who are older than them. Be careful bringing them around your parents because your parents will love them and will continue to remind you if ever you mess it up, what a mistake you made.

7. They see the bigger picture in things.

They won’t get caught up in drama or little things that upset most people. They focus on the things they need to. They look at relationships and people thinking, ‘will this person help get me to the next level?’ And if the answer is no, they step away from it.

In a relationship, they will think about what is best for the two of you and your future goals.

8. They’ll enjoy your company more than any material thing.

They don’t care about gifts or what you get them on holidays. More than anything they want your time and attention.

9. They’ll appreciate little things like books and songs.

They are the type of person who listens carefully to lyrics in songs. They re-read books trying to get a better understanding of what it’s really saying. They often will get lost in those worlds because they are dreamers.

10. They value deep connections.

They really know how to listen. One conversation with them and you’ll feel better because deep souls always make things about other people. The relationships they do have, they value and they put time and effort into maintaining it. They know to form those deep connections comes with opening up and allowing someone to see you vulnerable. They aren’t afraid of that.

11. They will always give more than they get.

No matter what you do, they are programmed to think a little deeper and do a little more. And they aren’t looking for you to out do them, they are happy doing things for you. Your happiness brings them happiness.

12. They aren’t afraid of being different.

Chances are they’ve been rejected and judged for most of their life. But they grew up and learned what makes them different is what makes them beautiful.

13. They love harder than most.

They take chances when it comes to love because more than anyone they know, respect and appreciate the value love has in someone’s life. When they choose to love you, that’s it. It’s going to ruin you in the best way you know.

14. They beat to their own drum.

They don’t play by any rule. They simply follow how they feel about things and don’t regret it.

15. Their advice is something of value.

You’ll see how many of their friends turn to them for advice. And they will want to help everyone. If they have flaws it’s the want and need to never turn people away even if they don’t have the time, they put themselves second to help others. They are going to be someone you can rely on. They’ll be your rock when you need it. And a lot of what they say will be accurate you’ll learn to really appreciate and value their insight.

16. They are hopeless romantics.

They believe in hand written letters. They know love is as real as you make it be. They hold onto these standards that may seem unrealistic or out of some fairytale but there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for love. And if you’re lucky to be someone reciprocating it, you’ll feel their love so deeply and it will fill you in a way, you never knew you were empty.

17. They wear their heart on their sleeve.

They’ll say things sometimes you might not know how to respond to. But they don’t say things in hopes you say things back. They tell you what they think and feel because they think you deserve to know.

18. They will heal you.

Ironically a lot of us fear love because we don’t want to get hurt again. But that very same thing you fear is what will heal you when it’s with the right person. A deep soul will heal your past heartbreak and teach you how you love even if you’re scared. They will show you the right love will never hurt you but make you better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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