It Was In You I Found Myself Again


There was a look of familiarity to you. The wondering of have we met before and why do I know you? I didn’t know you but I think I knew I’d love you from that moment on.

What I began to realize, it was myself I saw in you. But only the good parts.

I got to know you and I knew what I had been missing.

It came with the cold realization I was pretending to be someone for so long, I lost myself along the way. Then you came along and changed that.

Like a map guiding me home, I found my way again in your eyes.

It was in falling in love with you, I learned to love myself again.

I once had a heart afraid to feel. The knowing only of pain and heartbreak. The almost expecting it in a way. But you made me feel something again.

It was a touch that healed me. It was looking at someone confident when all I ever did was push people away for my own good.

It was an emptiness inside me, I never thought would be whole, until you.

You bettered me without motives of trying to change me.

You motivated me and because of that, I changed.

It was looking at you next to me and knowing with all I’ve done wrong in my life, I’ve done something right to be here.

You helped me to become the best version of myself.

It was a smile that showed I was actually happy again.

It was being in your company and for the first time in awhile, I stopped feeling alone.

I was becoming myself again.

People saw it too. A change in me I couldn’t explain without using your name.

And while there is no simple way to define love and relationships, I look at you and everything makes sense.

I look at you and I don’t want to look away.

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