If You’re Not Over Him Yet That’s Okay


The question of how long does it take to heal is one everyone wants an answer to.

But it’s a question with no single answer.

The thing about relationships is it doesn’t matter how long you dated someone, you can fall faster for someone and feel something deeper in two weeks than it takes others in two years.

It all depends on the person and your relationship.

Don’t ever let someone make you feel like you’re taking too long to get over someone. There is no time limit or timeframe.

All you can do is take it one day at a time.

And yeah it might help deleting every picture, not looking at their facebook, not texting just to see if they answer. But I think doing all of those things is a part of the process of healing and I say take as long as you damn well please to get over someone.

It’s hard to heal when your heart is breaking and you’re still completely in love with the person.

So how do you fall out of love?

I think you just gotta give it time. When it’s real love, I truly believe that person stays in your heart for a while sometimes they never leave.

But don’t let that defeat you or bring you down because having such strong feelings and struggling to get over someone is an indication of how real it was.

You should be proud of yourself for that.

That means you took a risk.

While you feel heartbroken and want answers and just want to feel fine again in time you will heal.

And when enough days pass, you’ll wake up one day and they won’t be your first thought.

You’ll meet someone and find yourself falling again.

And you’re going to nervous at first. You don’t want to get hurt. That’s understandable.

I believe healing comes in learning to love someone again. And sometimes the person you need to learn to love is yourself.

And most the time when that happens, they hit you up and see what you’re doing. But the moment you heal and look back at the person who broke you into a million pieces and left you to pick yourself up, what you’ll learn is it was them who didn’t deserve you.

There is no greater feeling than hearing the words ‘I’m sorry’ but at that point, you’ve become such a strong person you don’t even need the words.

They sit across the table saying everything you’ve ever wanted them to but you walk away saying I don’t need you anymore and it’s hard to believe a time when I thought I did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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