I Believe In Love The Way People Believe In God

Grace Chung
Grace Chung

I’m a firm believer in love. I believe a single person has the ability to change the course of your life forever. I believe falling in love changes you. I believe love can transform you into the best version of yourself. I believe in that moment when you look into someone’s eyes and you see a future, forgetting completely about your past. I also believe love can last forever.

So we owe it to love to not ever settle. We owe it to love to not ever grow cold. We owe it to love to not ever reject it even in times of heartbreak or ever fear it.

I refuse to settle when it comes to love. I refuse to be in relationships that don’t immediately make my heart skip a few beats. Those relationships where their name appears across your phone and a huge smile forms across your face. Those relationships where you see them walking closer and you can feel yourself becoming more whole by the second. Those relationships in a packed room your eyes only look for a single soul among many. Then they wrap their arms around you and you don’t want to let go. Where hours feel like minutes and goodbyes makes you miss them before they even leave. Where you’re a happier person just by being around them and a kiss actually feels like magic. Where you wake up and they are the first person you see and your day immediately starts off better.

I believe in love the way people believe in God. I believe in flowers sent to your office. I believe in candlelit dinners and pulling out your chair. I believe in slow dances to your favorite song. I believe in clichés becoming reality because when you find that person suddenly you put a face to everything you’ve ever wanted. And they make these fantasies a reality.

I believe in screaming and fighting at 2 AM but you never stop fighting for each other. I believe in compromise and overcoming things together. I believe in respect for one another. I believe in committing to someone and being their number one support system. I believe in being the person they want to tell something great to. That person who is strong for them in a time of weakness reminding them of their strength.

I believe love is everything they say it is. I believe love can overcome anything we put it through. I believe distance to be only a mathematical complication of the mind, if you let it be.

Because the truth is, when two hearts were made for each other no one else matters, no matter who you may meet.

I believe in not holding back what you think and feel. I believe in loving people with your entire heart. And even if they can’t reciprocate it they deserve to know you feel that way. So be brave in telling them even if it doesn’t work out in your favor. Be the brave person who believes in love despite often seeing heartbreak.

It’s only when you learn to respect and value all that is love do you become someone able to receive it. And you won’t receive some halfhearted love story. You’ll receive the real thing.

No, you don’t need to love yourself before someone can love you. But you need to love yourself enough to know you deserve the type of love you dream about. Love yourself enough to know it’s out there. Love yourself enough to know what you have to give is so rare.

Love yourself enough to know even in times of heartbreak it isn’t you that is flawed, but rather the relationship not being the one that deserves you.

Love hard. Love fully and completely. Love even when it hurts because one day it won’t. One day someone will love you at the magnitude you’ve loved everyone, and it will all make sense. When you look into their eyes and realize home has never been a place but rather a person you maybe haven’t found yet.

So until then keep loving as you are. Keep getting hurt and taking chances because it’s the right kind of chances you’re taking. And one day you’ll cross paths with someone who realizes the value in all you are, all you give, and the last thing they’ll let you do is walk away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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