To The Next Guy She Gives Her Heart To

Inma Ibáñez
Inma Ibáñez

There are a few things you should know, as you are now the object of her affection. These things will reveal itself in time but I’m telling you because if at any moment you think it’s too much don’t lead her on. Don’t keep her guessing. Don’t ever make her question how you feel.

She doesn’t trust anyone. She’s the most guarded person I’ve ever met. And it’s almost like just when you think you got her figured out there’s a whole other level you gotta get through. So that means you are going to have to give her time to come around. Do everything at her pace. She’s like a timid animal when it comes to relationships, any sudden moves she takes off running the other way.

She questions herself. She looks in the mirror every day fixated upon her flaws. Up until you she wondered if she was capable of being loved. She wondered if she deserved it. She thought it was something for other people to have in their lives and for her only a thought and a distant dream.

She’s gonna apologize too often for things that don’t even cross your mind. She won’t say it but she’s already thinking of the worst-case scenario in the event it becomes a reality, she knows too well. She’s gonna send double texts and sit staring at her phone sweating because she’s so afraid to mess up.

Teach her that there isn’t anything she can say or do that will make you change how you feel. I promise you she’s worth it.

She’s scared. Not scared. Terrified. She doesn’t want you to hurt her. And she isn’t the type to judge someone based on the mistakes of others but she also doesn’t want to keep messing up at the cost of her own heartbreak.

She respects love as much as she fears it. She associates love with pain and people leaving. I don’t want her to believe that’s what love is. I’ve watched her give the best of herself to a lot of people who didn’t deserve it. And while most people would change and turn cold she never did. The depths at which she is capable of loving people shocks me sometimes. She has a heart of gold that few people even deserve. And every time she puts herself out there and it doesn’t work out in her favor, she doesn’t utter unkind words or curse under her breathe. She just wipes a few tears and continues on.

She met you and I knew from the moment she told me about it all you were different. She called me with tears in her eyes because she didn’t think someone like you could exist.

But before she gives you her heart you should know she’s gonna love you with everything she has. She’s gonna do everything she possibly can to make you happy. There are times where it’s gonna seem overwhelming.

There are times when you’re gonna wonder, can I even reciprocate all she has to give? When those thoughts cross your mind just hold her. Just love her. Just make her feel wanted. That’s all she wants in life is for someone to want her.

She’ll tell you about her past in pieces over time. And she’s gonna be so scared to. She thinks if she tells you everything you’re gonna take off running. There are gonna be moments where she tries to beat you to it. Don’t let her.

But when she tells you all these things she’s gone through, I swear to God you are gonna love her and respect her even more.

And as you accept her past she’ll teach you to dance with your own demons.

She hates crying in front of people. She hates being vulnerable She views it as weakness. Show her that you can love her through all of that.

If there’s one thing she’s good at it’s loving people. She loves hard and she doesn’t hold back once she trusts you. But it’s getting to that point that’s a challenge.

You’ll never have to question her loyalty to you. Meeting you was enough to make her change. I’ve seen her through a lot of relationships and I’ve never seen her so sure of anyone. She won’t mess with you head or play games. She’s gonna be so honest with you there are moments you’re gonna think she’s deceiving you. Trust her.

She’s loved a lot of people who couldn’t love her back. I hope you aren’t one of them.

I hope you don’t give her another reason to disbelieve in love.

I hope you deserve someone like her. Because very few people do.

She’s the type of girl who will redefine what you think love really is. But most of all she’s the type of girl who will ruin you in the best way possible and change the course of your life forever.

I know this because I’m her best friend and she’s done just that for me simply through the love of friendship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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