At The End Of The Day, How Much Can You Rely On Yourself?

We all have those moments where we feel like the weight of the entire world is solely on our shoulders and what makes it even worse is when there’s nobody around willing to lend a helping hand. That’s when you must realize that you have to keep going; carry that weight as far as you can and you’ll eventually come across someone who will gladly help.  

At the end of they day, it all comes down to how much strength and endurance you have and how far you are willing to carry yourself forward with or without anyone by your side. Once you are confident enough to keep moving forward by yourself when the going gets tough, you’ll also develop the ability to help others realize they can do the same. However, it’s important to realize that making yourself a better person doesn’t always mean the ones around you will turn into the best they can be, too.

This world has so many good people in it, but it has its share of the not-so-good as well. Don’t let the bitterness, unwillingness, and unkindness of others turn you into someone you do not desire to be. Just because you have to struggle through one obstacle doesn’t mean you won’t find a helping hand at the next; just keep going. 

Treat everyone with kindness no matter how they choose to treat you. Sometimes, the unkind people are the ones who need the most love, they need a reminder that kindness and happiness often go hand in hand. It’s all a matter of understanding; some bitter people make others bitter and some bitter people attract kind people who choose to be patient and understanding with them; make sure you’re the second kind.

What can be better than changing someone’s life for the better while making yours the best you can make it? Talk about killing two birds with one stone. 

Sometimes, you’re given the chance of being someone’s hero; take it. Sometimes, you have to be your own hero, and you know what? That’s okay, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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