Who Do YOU Want To Be?

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“If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry.”

We live in a world where everyone feels they have a say in the kind of person you are. The kind of person you want to become. Your parents, your friends, your teachers, they all think they can tell you who you are. At some point, we need to say the hell with them. Even if that person is your mom. Believe me, my mom wants the best for me, she loves me with every part of her, but just because someone loves you with all of their being doesn’t mean that they get a say in the person you are.

If you want to start a new hobby, do it. You could discover talents and a sense of self-worth you never knew before. If you want to move across the country, do it. You could uncover so many things about yourself. And if you want to stay exactly where you are because that’s what you want, do it.

It’s time you are a little selfish. It’s time that you created happiness for yourself because no one can take that away from you. It’s time you stop looking to others to tell you who you should be. Spend some quality alone time with yourself and learn what brings a smile to your face. What makes you laugh? What challenges you and forces you to grow? Who do you want to be?

Not who does your dad want you to be? Not who does your partner want you to be? Not who does your best friend want you to be?

Who do YOU want you to be?

I get it. It sounds cheesy, “Just be you,” and all that jazz but it’s about time you stop holding other people accountable for who you are. It’s time you stop measuring your happiness on other people’s scales. It’s time you stop letting others have a say in who you are. TC mark

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