Working At A Desk 9-5 Doesn’t Make Your Job Any More Real Than Mine

Donald West
Donald West

Many of the white collar workers of the world seem to think that a large portion of American workers are simply imagining their jobs. I guess anyone who doesn’t sit on their ass drinking coffee and making excel spreadsheets all day just doesn’t know what it’s like to ACTUALLY work!

As I waitress, I am constantly told to “wait until I’m in the real world” or “wait until I have a real job.” I call bull shit. Do people not realize how incredibly condescending these very common expressions are?!

Let’s talk about a few blue collar jobs – construction workers, garbage men/women, electricians, to name a few. Let’s think about what is more important to the world, having roads, bridges, and buildings, or the clerical work being done at some company no one has ever heard of? You know, the righteous work you do in that nice new building, that has….electricity, and heat….and isn’t overflowing with garbage….all services provided by men and women who have probably been told to “get a real job.”

But it’s not just the blue collar workers performing tasks vital to first world living – we ALL deserve respect. Work is work is work is work is work. The amount of disrespect that food service workers receive – ALL BY PEOPLE WHO LIKELY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEIR SERVICES – is disgusting.

To defend my fellow servers, you would never belittle the profession if you had actually done it. Studies have suggested that food service is one of, if not THE MOST stressful professions one can do. But maybe that’s just me, living in my “fantasy” world, you know, the one where I get to do thankless physical labor every day, for unstable money and little respect!

Dressing in business casual attire and sitting at a super fancy CUBICLE does not make you better than anyone. It doesn’t mean you work harder, and it certainly should not make you feel as though you’ve earned more respect.

Stop looking down on the hard working men and women who have provided you more services than your narcissistic brain can possibly comprehend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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