Women Are Meant To Be Protected By Men

image - Flickr / Lulu Lovering
image – Flickr / Lulu Lovering

Women were born to be loved and to be protected by men. No matter how unreasonable your woman is, do not ever make her cry!

Your woman is: the one you love and she loves you! If you love her more than yourself, if you make her cry, that means you are making your heart cry. Don’t ever make your woman cry!

Let her win if you can. Listen and deeply sympathize with what she says.

Place yourself into her position so that you will do the right thing. Do anything that you can so that your woman will not cry! If you two are in a fight, no matter who is right or wrong, be the one to say sorry first. Women were born to have the rights to be sulky, be jealous, be arrogant, and be loved. Care about her like you always do. Do not be cold to her. Text, call, meet up with her if you can.

Don’t be in a cold war with your woman, because in relationships, women are always the weak ones. Women, no matter how much strength they show, are still weak. Their hearts are more fragile and more easily broken than men’s hearts. Those women who pretend that they are strong are the weakest. They can be broken at any time — and not many guys know that.

Women were born to be loved, not to be hurt by you. Do not be the one who says, “Let’s break up” first if you really do not want to break up, because she can say it a hundred times when you and she are in a fight. You can’t ever say that to her unless you mean it. The word “break up” from a man would kill a woman’s heart a million times.

If you can’t even comfort your woman, you will never be able to make her happy.

Because that happiness is already full of tears. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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