How To Do A No Makeup Look With Three Items Or Less

A no makeup-makeup look is the perfect look for the “lazy” girl and for the girl on the go! We all have those days where we want to look nice but don’t want to put in the effort (guilty) or we have zero time to get ready (also guilty). These three items are a quick and easy way to give your skin that fresh clean look without the struggle of that makeup grind.

Step 1:

Always start a makeup application with a clean face. ALWAYS. Starting with a fresh clean face is key to a smooth and easy application.

Step 2:

Apply foundation all over the face and blend down onto the neck. An alternative is a BB cream for a more sheer coverage look.

Step 3:

Applying mineral powder is a great way to set your makeup and gives your skin a nice flawless finish.

Step 4:

Curl your lashes; for best results try curling your lashes in three steps. From the base, middle and tip this gives your lashes a full J curl versus sticking straight up.

Step 5:

Apply your favorite mascara to your lashes; starting at the base of your lash line and wiggling it to the top.


You my friend, have successfully achieved a no makeup makeup look with three products!

Keep in mind this is a bare minimum makeup look. Really focusing on giving your skin that fresh velvety look. However, there are a few ways to give this look a little glam! As stated in my brow article I love a nicely filled in brow, this is another great way to pull focus to the eye and to really give your face definition. Sweep on some blush and a little tinted lip balm and you’re golden. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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