Why You Should Date A Girl Who Travels

Flickr / martinak15
Flickr / martinak15

It has been said before, “don’t date a girl who travels,” you know, the one with the sun kissed skin and unkempt hair. The girl who spends months on end walking down roads with street signs she can’t read, carrying a bag probably way too heavy for her.  She makes her way through the world with nothing more than a few hand signals and a cheeky smile; a cheeky smile that you probably fell for at some point.

The girl who travels, she wins you over with that glimpse of excitement in her eyes when she thinks, dreams, hears, talks about a new potential undertaking. She can be hard to keep up with… but you can’t help but want to. Her broken nails, cuts, and scars are constant reminders of stories from her journeys, which she will openly have you indulge in, like a grandfather telling his grandchildren tales from the past.  She has a magnetic confidence that you cannot help but be attracted to. She exudes a stunning independence, I mean, she has covered the world without you. She’s got it.

When you bring her home to your friends and family she will not waste her time with makeup and wardrobe. Hell, she hasn’t updated that in forever because it doesn’t fit in her backpack, but don’t be embarrassed for her or underestimate her. She will own the moment. Maybe the fact that she has had to meet so many people with diverse backgrounds speaking languages she does not know that she has learnt how to connect easily with others. If nothing else she has great hand signals. As I said before, she’s got it.

To your family she may seem like a bit of a wild card, as her habit of constant change has probably left her without a career or even a future prospect. But don’t think you are there to take care of her, she’s still got it. She doesn’t need material goods, she would rather have a solid connection or experience and of course, the occasional hug. 

The lifestyle of a girl who travels however, is not one that calls for a classic relationship. Although she is perfectly happy to enter one, you must understand her wanderlust and need for independence. She meets people in her travels and sees functioning relationships within her life and would love to have someone along for the journey, but she knows her reality. Right now she could not possibly commit to one place, one home, and one scene. She just can’t.

On the road, she has met people and fallen for their adventurous spirit. The rush of a newly forming high intensity relationship gives her thrills. Could this be the one, she thinks as they explore the world for a few weeks, climbing mountains, swimming with sharks, and hiking through the jungle. Only to end in heartbreak a few days later as their paths diverge. Disappointment as promises of the occasional plan to meet later on rarely ends up happening. 

A traveller girl’s life includes more heartbreak than you think. She is criticized constantly on her lifestyle choices, “she has no job, no car, and no house”; all she does is play. A traveller girl has to make these sacrifices in order to chase her dream of the experiencing the world.

So as was previously stated; “don’t date a girl who travels,” unless you truly understand her soul. She is like a shark, if she stops moving she will never survive. However, if you are aware of who she is, by all means, date this girl who travels. She cannot wait to show you her world because she’s got it, she has always had it, and she wants you to have it too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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