5 Things I Learned On The Open Road To Finding My New Home

In my experience, there are two types of people: the comfort seekers, and the seekers of the great unknown. I believe that we all obtain an adrenaline for the adventure. Perhaps, too, there is a percentage of us that are created for more permanent roots, those who sacrifice themselves on the altar of our futures. Being the thrill seekers and wanderers, we owe them an immense amount of credit, and greater acknowledgment, for without them; there would be no interlude.

Having that said, I think that even if you are one who feels more attracted to a life more permanent with routine there is something out there that each one of us needs to recognize; a gift hidden in the vibrations of the universe, the calls within the frequencies that the wild deliver. I’m a firm believer in, “Placing yourself in introspective situations to better know yourself, to be so emotionally aware of who you are and who you want to be that love won’t scare you. Surround yourself by those who not only inspire you but with those who challenge you, to try and find comfort within the unfamiliar, and to go completely insane at least once. ”

1. Home is wherever you are you.

Home, as you once knew it, will always be there waiting for you. Perhaps, it was a cage you couldn’t wait to get out of before you left, but it will love you when you return. I can promise you that you will never “leave” and venture back the same. More often than not when we leave home there’s little to no understanding of ourselves, our perspectives in tunnel vision, and pretty self-centered which led to feeling being confined with monotony. Recognizing that you are the one who makes your own opportunities and in that there will always be the opportunity for growth. I mean, really, the only mistake you can make is the mistake of not learning something. We are creatures of adaption. Home becomes wherever you are, you. Wherever it is that sparks a light inside of your eye you will adapt and make it your own, and that’s the beauty of it.

2. Feeling alone happens.

Don’t run from it, embrace it, so that you can allow yourself to love and be loved in return. Find yourself, strip yourself down and then, rebuild yourself. Coordinate a life you want. There’s an overwhelming sense of awareness that sometimes make us feel very small. Take notes, there is an absolute beautiful world ready to refresh you, challenge you and develop you. The universe is ready to become you. Lean into your desires, welcome them, and then do the most rewarding thing there is to do: love someone else. Give back to the world, and then be ready to accept the love that comes running to you with open arms.

3. Shit will hit the fan.

Period. Shit will happen to good people! Vehicles will break down, phones will fall and crack, money will run out quick, people will break your heart, it will rain on parades, flights will be delayed and even missed, you’ll lose your wallet, your keys, you will lose, usually important stuff… but I promise you, it will always work out. New people will restore your faith in humanity, new adventures will present themselves, doors will close and windows will open and there is always another flight, an umbrella, a coat. Look for the comeback for every set back, the positive and learn to laugh. Nothing beats the crazy story about how your vehicle broke down on the way to the airport, so you decided to walk, then, realized you forgot your purse, went back and ended up calling a taxi and the handle to your luggage broke, then, it started to rain and then, you missed your flight…BUT the lady next to you in the airport offered you her jacket while you shared margaritas and stared out the windows laughing at the equally amazing she just told you.

4. Everything really does happen for a reason.

There’s not much to this except understanding that some things are inevitable. I can’t even count on both of my hands how many times I’ve said “It’s crazy how if that would’ve never happened I probably wouldn’t have met you” or “If I wouldn’t have experienced that I wouldn’t have learned this or experienced this.” Etc. There are reasons we either can’t understand, or aren’t able to visually see right away but we just have to believe that there is one. Because sometimes life isn’t always about finding the reason for certain things that happen, but trusting that there is one. The universe won’t let you down its just a matter of you taking that experience and growing from it. At times, it’s necessary for good things to fall apart to make some room for better things to fall together.

5. Wherever you are, be there.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Life will always continue, even when you are not ready, or even when you’re not there and sometimes that is a hard pill to swallow, but just trust that your adventure and that moment is the best place you could possibly be. Let the sparkle of life and the grace of people you encounter lead you into a place of gratitude and fascination. Breathe deeply, live freely (lack of conformity), be graceful, patient, determined and hungry. Then, kiss passionately.

For those who feel homesick for the places you have yet to see, for a hunger to make certain dreams a reality, to long deep conversations with strangers, to sight see just beneath the surface of fear, take these few truths, the gems that were paved in gold along the wide open interstates to California, and allow yourself a moment of fearlessness. Heck, a life of courage.

You can go, follow the open road and trust me, you will be better because of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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