10 Reasons Why Boxed Wine Is Actually The Greatest Thing On Earth

Flickr / Carlos Saldivia
Flickr / Carlos Saldivia

When I think of all the fabulous things that come in boxes; shoes, engagement rings, presents, cereal, technologic accessories and boxed wine come to mind! I then begin to reflect on the sad reputation of boxed wine and I can’t help but argue “why!?” Boxed wines have come a long way in flavor quality since the only option of blush wine and franzia but I think it’s bad rap is mainly because most still think of it as only fit for the likes of frat college parties, slap the bag and amateur drinkers.

Over the years I have become tremendously obsessed with “alternative” wine packaging. I’m always so excited to go home after a long day and have myself a glass or three of some red wine along with a good read, an episode of Bobs Burgers, project runway or my favorite vinyl playing. Although I have always noticed a shift in mood and reaction when I say “I’m having boxed wine” after they’ve asked what bottle is my favorite.

We all laugh about it as if it’s something strange or out of this world. I mean, I know why I’m laughing… but I wonder why you’re laughing. All I’m thinking in response to any negative comment is: “You laugh because I’m different but I laugh because you’re all the same”

Yeah, sure it all started years ago, when I could barely afford the “good kind” of wine but through time it just became a preference. Not like I can’t afford a bottle of wine, it’s just more about being smart in my opinion. I’m saving my dollars for something that’ll last longer. I don’t want to get hustled by big business so I consider the pro and con of everything… including wine. And honestly, I’ve tried many wines in my lifetime, and it may come as a surprise but some of my favorites come from a box. So I’m here in defense of boxed wine, to explain the reasons why it’s better and why Boxed wine makes you that much more of a badass.

1. The Wine stays fresh for up to six weeks after opening.

You can pour it up, freshly, every single time during that time span. Every glass poured out of the box/ bag is like a brand new opened bottle. Especially since the portable bag inside prevents oxygen, the enemy of wine, from coming in. Thus, you don’t need to feel obligated about drinking the whole bottle.

2. Less cost in packaging, shipping and storage.

What does this mean for you? A cheaper price of wine. You’ll get more for your buck. Have you ever really paid attention to the boxed wine labels in the back? The companies compare a box of wine, which is usually a 3 liter box of wine, to a bottle of wine. Here’s the fun fact: They show you basically how many bottles are in that boxed wine. And according to most of these boxes the overall volume of 3-liter boxed wine is the equivalent of four standard-sized 750ml bottles for almost 3 x less the price. And the quality you ask? Great!

3. Easier to open and serve.

Some boxes have updated their technology and just have little buttons. This means quicker access after that long day you just had. Or quicker access to start the party! Your wine glass and your book has been waiting all day so this easier access button is more efficient and effective

4. Boxed wine is fully recyclable.

You’re helping out the community and going green!

5. No glass here!

Boxed wine allows you to enter the places where you can’t take glass; you can take it to the beach, on a picnic, tailgating and on camping excursions. We’ve grown up liberate by any physical or virtual restrictions which means we have the ability to do everything and go everywhere, were always on the move why not have a drink that’s just as flexible. A box is mobile just like you.

6. Boxed wine is economical.

They’re often far less expensive than bottled wine on a per volume basis. So that goes for those of us shopping for wine in the $5 – $15 per bottle range because you have no rational reason to fear 3 liter premium boxed wines, other the “what will the neighbors think.” And even at that, with the right neighbors, they’ll want in.

7. It’s spontaneous and social.

Our computer-generated connectedness has created a generation that strives to be social, online and off. Whereas a bottle attends to 1-3 people (with like a glass each), the average box holds about 4 bottles making it more suitable for a crowd of twenty of your closest friends… or even an unplanned night of your 4 closest, “so glad I still have that box of wine left!”

8. If you look at it properly, it’s ahead of it’s time.

Aside from the new technology of a bag in a box that saves it from oxygen. Our generation has chosen freelance over finance and mix prints over matching, we’re perceived as the smart and pretentious. We like what’s eco-friendly, nostalgic and retro. All of which are new art forms and boxed wine fits the bill.

9. For old times’ sake: Slapping the bag.

A form of draining the bladder of the bag that is actually really fun and you really haven’t lived if you have yet to do this. You can’t slap a bottle can you? I’m not saying this is what you do with a box of wine but it’s an option if you want to. And we’re all about having options and opportunities, aren’t we?

10. It’s not main-stream, yet!

Wine drunk is always the best kind of drunk, right? And while it is slowly but surely becoming more upscale if you drink boxed wine, you can say “I started drinking it before it was cool”

Wine it’s perhaps the best and creates the closest and most fun relationship with its drinker. It’s unwavering, resilient and dependable. One glass of wine and you can feel even better! Wine is there to comfort you in those times where you literally can’t as well as the most exciting of celebrations. Perhaps this is why the best kind of humans love wine in the first place and aren’t we always saying to live young & die young, and isn’t every kid’s fantasy to have their favorite beverage on tap like that? Stay young, my friends! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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