14 Things All Healthy Couples Do

10. Make each other laugh.

Making your lover laugh is very important. Understanding their sense of humor, how to perk them up on a down day…there’s nothing sweeter, right? No matter what they’re going through, they’re going to need you to make them smile so they know that it’ll all be all right.

11. Change clothes in front of each other.

Whether you live together or not, there is always a point where you change in front of your guy or gal. Finding socks for the other person, helping zip or fix something…it’s really helpful to have them there, especially when you aren’t sure if you’re looking good or not.

12. Tolerate Aunt Flo.

Periods. Physically and emotionally painful for women, emotionally (and physically sometimes) for guys. When your Aunt Flo comes to visit, the first three days are the worst! When your guy is dedicated, he doesn’t take the yelling, crying, random insults, and angry demands to heart. They understand you’re a whole different person off and on. And they always ask if you need something: Do you want chocolate? Do you have tampons? Compress warm enough? Feel sick?

But ladies, we all know that when yours ends, HIS begins. Be honest, men: The three days after the fact are pretty rough on you. You have a lot of pent-up frustration and stress from handling her crankiness. You may not bleed, but you’re pretty emotional yourself and can even get random cravings.

And just as you were patient and sweet with us, we will do the same.



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