14 Things All Healthy Couples Do

4. Binge-watch TV shows.

When one person falls for a TV show, we get our significant other into it. Before you both know it, you’ve watched all eight seasons of Dexter on Netflix together

5. Watch the same TV show while you’re in different places.

You’ll both be watching a show (maybe he’s at work and you’re at home) and text each other back and forth—sometimes you’ll even call—to assure you ARE watching it.

6. Occupy certain positions and sides of the bed.

What couple doesn’t have designated sides of the bed? Couples understand their love’s need for a quality night’s sleep. In my case, he sleeps on the right side closest to the alarm and I sleep on the left a lot of times against the wall with a pillow to snuggle with when it gets too hot to snuggle with him. In the morning he’s usually down on the floor or halfway there, as I am now taking up all of the bed.

Height/length has NOTHING to do with this! Physics in a sense no longer applies as your tiny petite body has now managed to push the bigger mass of a man nearly over the edge.



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