Read This When You Just Feel Like Everything Is Insanely Pointless

Read This When You Just Feel Like Everything Is Insanely Pointless

So many things we do in life could be considered to be pointless. Many of us have learned to set goals for ourselves to plan for the future. As time only is limited, we tend to do things that are higher on the priority list, than to just do ‘’pointless’’ activities. And so, everything that has no direct connection to our goals, become pointless.

When we relate everything with our goals, day-to-day activities began to feel pointless. Living in the present becomes harder and everything in between just feels unnecessary.

Since when is it only worth living life when it is tied on the mere fact of productivity? All the things you feel like are pointless, are things that we shouldn’t take for granted. All the things we seem to think are pointless, only shows how privileged we are. It only shows how grateful we should feel to be able to think that something is pointless.

Especially in these uncertain times, ‘’pointless’’ things are the things that keep us afloat. It’s those same things that keep us going when everything else you thought was stable, wasn’t so stable after all. It’s what keeps us sane during the day. Not everything we do has to have a point. But if you do seek for reasons why we shouldn’t avoid doing pointless things, it’s because it makes us human. Unlike animals, we don’t have to do everything to survive. And that in itself is a gift we all have and should be grateful for.

We are privileged enough to have hobbies for enjoyment and to do nothing another moment just because we can. So, we shouldn’t take that for granted. We shouldn’t have to be so strict on ourselves every second of the day. We are placed in this world to live, to enjoy the little things, and to do stupid pointless things to make memories. And that’s something worth living for, the fact that we can make memories with the people we love while doing pointless things together. The fact that you feel like that everything is insanely pointless is because you are not at that point yet where you can see the things that you have manifested during those ‘’pointless’’ moments.

Take a moment and think about how all of our lives would be if we stop doing all the things that won’t lead to more productivity and work. It would be pretty boring, right? Life shouldn’t be all play but it’s so applicable for the other way around. Which means life shouldn’t be all work. We shouldn’t have to analyze and dissect everything we do or what we are planning to do. Sometimes letting go of control is just what you need to live in the present and stay mindful to appreciate all that the day has in store for all of us.

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