Trust Me When I Say That There Is More To Life Than This

Nothing is ever set in stone, but still, sometimes the darker days can overshadow and block out any sunlight to highlight the little moments that make our mouth angle lift up and our eyes glowing. Negativity always tends to stick longer on our minds while the lighter moments seem to give us a soft stroke and immediately would flash away from our minds. And so, while we continue to try to make the best out of life, life throws us curveballs to challenge us in the midst of everyday life. It wears us out and leave us little to no energy to think about improving, let alone actually putting the steps in to confront the external and or internal issues that are blocking our path.

And so, days passed, months passed and even years passed when we have come to the conclusion that we are forever stuck in a circle of unresolved emotions and the aftermaths of it.

This has apparently become your life.

And you believe that nothing you do can change the course of it. You have come to the conclusion that this is it and it won’t get better than this. You have thrown in the towel and have accepted that this is what life has to offer you. This is life.

But trust me when I say that there is more to life than this.

You can’t see it because you have narrowed your vision down to a notch that only is giving very little space to let in a glimpse of light that might be helping you to lift up your defeated posture and warm up the soul that has been hardening up to protect yourself. But you didn’t protect yourself. You only have isolated yourself to prevent anything to come across you, so there won’t be any resistance, any possible confrontation or anything that would put you in an uncomfortable situation that asks you act outside your comfort zone.

Isolation of oneself is not the same as protecting yourself. Protecting yourself when you are in a dangerous situation is an act out of survival, it’s a natural instinct. But protecting yourself for things that aren’t even happening yet is nothing but an act out of fear and a disguise of isolation. Its a fear of hurting feelings or anything negative.

Are you really depriving yourself the privilege to live a life unfeared when you have come to the acceptance that a majority of what we fear is an adapted think pattern of social construction of reality?

What we fear is mostly social-related and not in regards to life danger.

We fear that we fail in regards of what society expects us to do, how we come across as a person, how forgettable we are and how useless we are in the big scheme of the Universe. We fear unknown situations and people because we like to be well prepared to prevent an outcome that would give zero benefits to ourselves and that could even badly hurt us physically or mentally.

The most fearful animal will bring actual danger to itself.

Because it never has learned to observe, to adapt, to improvise and crafted a way to handle a situation properly. It never has learned to embrace change in order to evolve into a kind that is resilient in its core. Resilient to fear so you would be able to see that there is more to life than fear.

On the other side of fear is life in full spectrum full with emotion, nature, movements and our own meaning that we put into it. It’s beautiful, yet grim. It’s simple yet we made it too complicated. It’s from all of us but we easily turn to the greedy path of seeking more.

It is the essence of the right perspective, but only if you are brave enough to create it yourself.

Only if you trust that there is more to life than this will you be able to live a life, solely out of your own choices instead of out of fear.

The girl who rambles through life

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