I Don't Want A Forever Person, I Want A Forever Passion

I Don’t Want A Forever Person, I Want A Forever Passion

I don’t want someone who only sticks around just because we happen to be together for a long period of time. I don’t need a person who stays with me for their own fear of loneliness. If you only stay with me to get labeled as the ”forever person,” then please, the door is over there—help yourselves.

I won’t play along when there is nothing else left for us to continue just to look good together in public while being pointed at and seen as the definition of ”relationship goals.” I don’t want a forever person just for the sake that we have been together for what feels like forever.

It’s about what keeps us driving and what keep us moving closer to each other—that’s all that matters in the end. I want to experience passion in all its forms. Not just the typical passion as we know where the sparks are flying off, that type of passion that you see in movies and hear in songs.

No, I want a forever passion that keeps me warm and comfortable.

I want the passion that connects us without constantly needing to know where we stand and wondering if there are any future possibilities.

I don’t need to feel at my highest if I know I will crash down even stronger on my knees moments later because of the instability.

I want a forever passion that embraces me even if I’m not at my most lovable. One that I didn’t have to feel afraid that the fire might go out anytime soon when I’m not paying enough attention to it. Instead of causing butterflies fluttering in my stomach, I look for peace in my mind while my heart smiles brightly when I’m around you.

I don’t want a forever person, I want a forever passion

I want a forever passion that radiates through us in our actions and how we accidentally catch each other’s glances across a room full of other people. You will see it in our quiet moments and the way we search for each other’s hands when we are sleeping next to each other.

I don’t want a forever person, I want a forever passion

Forever accompanying me, not only in glamorous times but in times of darkness and hopelessness. I don’t need the over-the-top passion where we spend our days in bed making love but have nothing to say to each other. Passion is not only built during night outs and perfect lighting that makes our features stand out to make us swoon over each other.

It’s in the small and subtle gestures that are easily overlooked if we take each other for granted.

It’s in the daily things that we do for each other. It’s peeling layers of defense mechanisms that were supposed to protect us to show our authentic self and accepting each other nonetheless.

I don’t want a forever person, I want a forever passion. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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