Just So You Know, Kindness Does Not Make You Weak

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As far as I know, I can pretty much say I’m a kind person. Not in a pretend way but in a real genuine way. My definition of kindness? Giving without the expectation of receiving something back in return.

Too often, kindness is seen as a weakness.

I bet you hear it sometimes when a person is described as “too nice,” in other words: weak. Honestly, how can a person be too nice, really? It’s the other way around actually, this world needs kindness, there is no such thing as too much kindness. It only shows how fucked up some people think if they think someone is weak when that person is just a kind soul. Such twisted thinking.

If you ask me, kindness requires a lot of strength on the contrary. It’s literally the opposite of weakness. To be kind means to free yourself from your ego and I don’t have to tell you that’s a real challenge we are up against. It’s easy to have a huge ego and act accordingly to it, but it’s something else when you can separate yourself from it and be the person everyone else needs, especially towards yourself. What we all need from human to human? A listening ear, an open mind, a giving soul and a heart filled with an infinity of love. That’s what we should offer to each other and ourselves.

Sadly, pride is the biggest sin of all seven deadly sins. There is a reason for it. It’s the sin we all commit to some extent and is the hardest one to withdraw from. Once you cover yourself with the poison of pride, it’s hard to shake it off. Because pride makes us feel powerful in a way when we let our ego takes on the act. Pride makes us persistent to always go for winning. Winning an argument, winning a discussion, winning a fight.

Pride makes us so blind that we only focus on the winning part and not the whole picture.

In some ways, we already have lost when we think we got the victory. Because pride can break people apart, leaving shattered parts on the way and pierce through the hearts of the good intended. It makes us yearn for more and more instead of being grateful for those in front of us.

It makes us lose those who care about us.

Those who only had good intentions, to begin with.

That’s why kindness is the opposite of weakness. It takes a special kind of soul to be able to understand this. But for those who understand it, you know that it’s a real challenge to remain kind when all odds are against you. That’s the point that shows you if are indeed a kind soul or when you let your ego takes the lead. It’s your choice, choose wisely and you may make someone else’s day or destroy it.

Let us be all more kind to each other for it’s already hard enough most of time. TC mark

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