Create More Value In Your Life By Consuming Less

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From the moment we open our eyes from a good night’s sleep until the moment we close them again to dream our night away, we are constantly consuming. Buying things we don’t actually need. Buying things in the hope to expect social recognition from it. Buying things to fill up that empty space in your heart.

Things are lifeless. Their only purpose is to serve you in a way people can’t. But then why do we expect them to still? 

The stuff you own doesn’t say about who you are as a person. A brand new purchase may give you an ecstatic feeling at first, but when the first shiny feature starts to wear off, so does that ecstatic feeling you had when you first laid eye on a product you don’t even know at first.

And then, you can start at zero again. Hunting for the next hot item, a new car, another designer bag, the newest model smartphone. You will keep consuming to the point you no longer really care what you actually want, but what the biggest advertisers tell you what you need to buy for ultimate happiness.

There is no stopping point for the media will tell you each changing season what’s in and what’s out. By giving in, you think you will lower the chance of being left out. An outsider. A weirdo. A deeply hidden fear of herd animals, like us humans.

You will feel restless, yearning for meaning and purpose, which no any possible product is able to fill in.

You will feel more disconnected by each new purchase, only able to fill up space in your home.

Everyone is a consumer in a sense, but to stay in balance on that spectrum between an obsessive consumer and a minimalist, is to create value in return. For yourself and others.

Value connects people because it has the purpose to help each other to bring out the best into the world.

To find your own voice through the values which others have created.

You no longer will depend on things, expecting that it will make you happy. You will not depend on anything for you can create value yourself. Instead, buying things you really need and use. Spending time with your loved ones and adding value to each other’s lives with the thought of being the best version of yourself each day.

Instead of taking up space for unnecessary things, make more room and time for the things you love to create and people who matter to you.

Consume less, make room to create value instead. TC mark

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