Remember To See The Good In Saying Goodbye

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I was never a big fan of changes. From the tiniest changes to major ones that have huge impacts on my life. But as I encounter more changes throughout time, I’ve grown to have a more love-hate relationship with them. Still, if another change knocks on my door, I won’t open it with full enthusiasm. My hands will still shake with hesitation whether I’m ready to welcome another change in my life.

Besides, a lot of changes aren’t polite enough to wait for you to open the door for them. They will open it themselves or even force an entrance to get close to your space if you try to stop it from coming. The more resistance only makes it harder for yourself to embrace it and grow from it.

Speaking of opening doors, changes often have to do with new beginnings.

This new beginning often is a result of an ending. Without something to end, there is no reason to start something new. This could be anything. Like climate change for example. Temperatures rising rapidly is causing environments to change. Ice slowly melting on top of mountains, like ice cones on a hazy summer day. Organisms dying from polluted waters. We cannot turn time back to save what already has happened, but we can see the good in goodbyes. Because when we are able to see that, we allow ourselves to adapt from the emerged situations. In this case, adapt our habits and take measures to protect the environment we are living in.

When we say goodbye to a faded friendship, allow yourself to see the good in goodbye. It’s good it happened because you no longer comprehend each other the way you used to before. You no longer can add value to each other’s lives, so it’s only natural that each one of you parted your way to make space again for a friendship which will flourish for the second time around. Or a third round. Even a fourth round. In this journey of life, we will lose a lot. Paradoxically, losses are gains at the same time.

See the good in goodbyes and do not hesitate to open the door when a new change is around the corner.

I’m currently stuck in this love-hate relationship. Hate it, because the amount of stress that comes with it is sometimes too much to handle. And only after I reflect back on what I have gained in return made me love the unavoidable changes that come rushing through my door without knocking or patiently wait for me to open it.

Because, whether you like it or not, they will come to you at some point. And when they do, I hope you can see the good in byes and look at them with a fresh start of the back of your mind.

See the good in goodbyes. TC mark

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