Here’s Why I’m In Pursuit Of Imperfection (And Why You Should Be Too)

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Perfectionism: an unwillingness to settle for anything less than perfection


Another word that exists in our vocabulary yet doesn’t exist in our world. The beauty of language, though it can also be a curse when we attempt to imply it into practice. No matter how many times we try to get close to it, we are always one step away from it. When you think you got it, it slips through your fingers, like a ray of light. It gives us a false impression that it’s something we can pursue.

First of all, what does perfection even mean?

According to some sources:

The condition, state, quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

A person or thing perceived as the embodiment of perfection.

The action or process of improving something until it is faultless or as faultless as possible.

To me, those definitions are like a bag of chips. Once you open it, it’s more empty than it is filled with chips. Perfection is just like that. No clear content, just some empty words. It sounds promising and alluring but once get your hands on it, it feels rather shallow and empty.

Perfectionists will face these problems too. Their never-ending process of maintaining perfection will leave them restless and miserable. It’s their desire to have everything under control, so they have a feeling that their life is under control as well. But, the only thing we are able to control is how we react and act towards external circumstances. Anything else is pretty much out of our own control.

Perfection is something we came up with, just like a lot of other things.

We often mistake perfection as the equation for happiness.

By this logic, it’s been used to control the society as a whole in order to keep capitalism steady and ever growing.


To invent and establish products and/or services that in one way or another support the customer’s pursuit of perfection or most would mistake with, happiness.

Most products or services have come into this world with one intention: money. As much money as possible. Of course, no one would purchase it if that’s the truth printed on the package we love to read when we feel bored. That’s why marketing exists.

We as humans love to get comfort with lies.

It’s the marketer’s job to somehow sell it in a promising way without revealing the truth. Most people are aware of this but still fall for it nevertheless. This pattern of thinking that perfection equals happiness has been pass along since we are old enough to understand it, and therefore, it’s a very hard habit to shake off.

That’s why I’m in pursuit of imperfection. I want to be as imperfect as it can get.

We learned to paint within the lines, but I will paint outside the lines on purpose to see what I’m able to create instead.

To make it messy on purpose and see how imperfection will make me feel. I don’t need to cookie-cutter my life to be able to come close to perfection

Screw the cookie-cutter, give me a pen instead so I can make scribbles on my way down the streets to share my unfiltered thoughts with others while making colours reflect on my face to show the world my unedited feelings. I don’t need to appear perfect or happy all the time. As long as I feel my emotions and allow it to express it, then that’s enough for me.

I want to be as imperfect as it can get so others can see me as for how I am, without any sugarcoat on me. I want to be as imperfect as it can get so I can inspire others to do the same, so they will weigh down their walls and get comfortable with their authentic self. I want to be as imperfect as it can get, so I can experience life on a whole spectrum, to make mistakes and grow from it, to act out of place and be okay with it, to not feel afraid to have an unpopular opinion and stand strongly behind it. To cry without feeling ashamed or weak. To give others the benefit of the doubt because no one is perfect, remember?

No one is perfect, though most of us pursue it.

It’s the opposite we should remember by heart.

Every one of us is imperfect, but few of us appreciate it.

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