They Just Needed To Find A Compass To Their Hearts

A compass is held in a man's left hand.
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“Good night,” he said.

She kissed him softly on his lips and in a blink of that moment, she got her hopes up again. How could she have thought to throw in the towel when there is still so much love left? This constant battle between her mind and heart left her exhausted and stressful. This is not how it is supposed to go at all, she found herself thinking.

They have known each other so well that they could finish off each other’s sentences and talk with facial expressions. He always knew when question marks pop out her head when she was looking at a certain way. They are like yin and yang, the extreme opposite of each other. They complement each other so well for that same reason. Like water and fire. He is water for his calmness but underlying strength. She is fire for her passionate expressions but turbulent emotions.

But lately, her fire dimmed down and have turned into a flickering flame while he became, even more, calmer than before. It’s like they each have taken a step back and wait for it to be restored again. But the longer they have waited, the more steps they have been taken back without them realizing it. Waiting wouldn’t solve or restore anything, the action does. So they tried. However, it wasn’t the correct action they have chosen. They only kept fixing until it is fixed again before another defect comes up.

They never got to the point where they could start improving.

“It’s now or never.”

He looked down.

“We were so busy fixing that we never got to improve. Now see where we are. Stuck and still broken.”

It was hard, very hard to say those words. She kept her posture but felt her tears welling up. Her voice, first trembling, then wildly shaking out of control.

“I’m just trying to be as rational as possible. It’s not fair to both of us if we let this go on. We both deserve happiness.”

He finally looked up and said, “So it’s either we go all-in, or we give it up entirely?

An exchange of looks was enough to answer that. They knew deep down it all came down to passion.

The magic glue which holds them together.

It wasn’t all of the other things, like companionship. They had enough of that. They just need to find the fire back or create it themselves again. All of the required ingredients were already there: the firewood (the foundation of their bond) and a lighter (the spark between them). The only thing left to do is connect those two elements with each other.

It sounds easy in theory, but in practice, it can show some difficulties and challenge the withstand of the firewood. Still, it is now or never.

It takes a spark to light a flame to make a fire. A fire so fierce and passionately that it will guide its way back again to their hearts.

‘’Let’s do it, one more time.’’

She nodded.

‘’It will be our rescue compass, a compass to our hearts.’’

And that was that. TC mark

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