Our Own Reality Isn’t The Only Truth That’s Out There

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It’s only a small part of beautiful minds from all across the world swirled together.

It fascinates me that everyone has their own reality. This guy sitting next to me on the subway, that lady having a walk with her dog, the men in suits enjoying their lunch together. Every one of them, including myself – has a different reality. A different story we are creating and living at the same time. Even though we may live on the same planet, walking down the same soil, feeling the same breeze on our faces, breathing in the same air and looking at the same moon. We each see the world differently through our eyes. We each see beauty in different things and see suffer in other things. We each view our struggles as great obstacles, However, each one of us experiences different struggles and difficulties throughout our journey of life.

Oftentimes, we subconsciously share our reality as the only fact there is in life to give advice to those in need of our help. We try to relate by only mentioning our own experiences because we don’t know any better than that. By doing so, you are not only being tactless, but not helpful at all even though your intentions were good, to begin with.

That doesn’t matter at all.

Helping someone shouldn’t be about yourself at all. Not even in the midst of the process of helping someone.

It isn’t the right place and right time to shine, while the other is desperately trying to get out of the shadow.

Having our own reality is unique and beautiful, but let’s not forget about how the other will feel once you make it all about yourself. If you are willing to help, at least try to see how their reality is. How you perceive certain things doesn’t mean the other will perceive exactly the same way. We are each unique as we hold on to our own truths, and that same reason makes each of us just the same.

Instead, try to listen how others view their reality – their truth. Broaden up your knowledge and perception. Surprise yourself, time after time, that your reality isn’t fixed and that there is always more room to expand & grow as time continues to tick on.

Our own reality isn’t the only truth there is.

We all have an impact on each other one way or another. We all shape others reality as they shape ourselves, even in the smallest way. No matter how small an impact you thought you have left on someone, it’s about the feelings you deeply have embedded in one’s heart. When we acknowledge that, we can only help each other in a more efficient and emphatic way without being unintentionally tactless or hurtful towards one another.

Everyone has their own reality. I have my own reality too.

It’s only a small part of beautiful minds from all across the world swirled together. TC mark

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