Our Love Is Like A Growing Tree

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Our love is like a growing tree.

It was a cold winter evening when we were walking down along the canals of Amsterdam. My hands separated from yours due to the number of take-outs we have ordered, which was dangling from my fingers. The conversation we had that moment, left me satisfied and longing for more. I couldn’t help but smile inside, knowing that our love tree is still growing in an environment that was once so stormy, now has changed into a breezy place.

Could you imagine what was once a tiny seed, now is turned into a growing tree?

It didn’t just appear from nothing. Look at it then. It’s all growing. Sometimes it takes longer to recover after the winter, but the flower buds are always coming back in the spring. They will bloom into delicate flowers and its beauty will touch us deeply, while it quickly will devolve into leaves. The length of the tree trunk reminds us the time we have spent together. However, it’s the thickness of it which shows us its strength and character. The branches lead us to our stories. Each, one of a kind. Some tangled. Some still recovering after it’s broken, while some thriving in its best potential. But, they were all connected – continue to connect and grow into more branches. The flowers may make a short appearance every time, but it left us speechless. It let us fall in love again. Again and again. The countless leaves keep the tree alive by providing food. It’s our salvation.

Our needs and beyond that. Beyond our wildest dreams.

The seasons of Mother Nature continue to challenge the tree in every possible way. Losing leaves to survive cold winters. Winds and storms hitting every spot. Hardly standing, hardly breathing. It encountered countless problems and difficulties. The wounds – slowly turned into scars. We had our fights. Made unforgivable mistakes. We could have torn the whole tree down, but we didn’t.

It’s all us. We did this together.

The storm couldn’t chase us apart. The severe winters, year in year out, couldn’t tempt us into forever hibernation. No, instead – we embrace, adapt and grow again. We try hard to see and smell the flowers to seek for ultimate beauty. We appreciate its color changes in leaves when the autumn smell is in the air again, which brings harmony and balance.

Our love is like a growing tree.

The seed may not be visible for a long time now, but it was the beginning of the growth of a lively tree in its own unique way. It was the beginning of hope, nurture, love, challenges and everything we had wished for.

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