9 Things That Happen When You Date Someone Who Loves To Dance

Twenty20 / danielle.gornbein
Twenty20 / danielle.gornbein

It could be the way they gracefully chassé across the stage. Or the way they move their hips to the percussive beats on the dance floor. Or how they laugh when they try to do something that looks silly. Whatever it is, you are drawn to it. What have you gotten yourself into?

You’ve fallen for someone who loves dancing, and that’s a good thing. Whether they are the lead dancer in a prestigious dance company or just the regular salsero who hits up the salsa club every single weekend, people who are passionate about dance always stand out and have some amazing characteristics.

You will never need to tell them to remember details

People who dance are observant and attentive. They’ve learned how to master dance moves by paying close attention to the music, rhythms, to their dance partners, and clearly observing how the movements are done. When learning a dance routine, they need to listen and mentally absorb the sequence of steps; they’ll mentally repeat things like “Right, left, together. Left, right, together.”  Hence, they are good listeners and will make a note to remember every word you say, in the same way that they need to remember their dance steps. You will never need to remind them that your mom’s birthday is coming up, or the exact name of your favorite wine.

Life will be more playful

People who love to dance have a certain playfulness that they carry with them off the dance floor. They don’t take life seriously and believe that losing yourself into rhythms and movements makes things better. People who dance are less stressed, more upbeat, and more likely to do things spontaneously. They always light up and radiate energy when one of their favorite songs comes on and move, snap or sing along. Don’t be surprised if they make you dance out of the blue, in public, even if no one else is dancing. By being with them, you will learn to have fun, to forget about little the burdens and that it’s ok to look like fool sometimes.

You will learn to embrace the world of performing arts

Dancers love to show others what they are passionate about. They will randomly come to you and say things like “Today, I’m going to teach you some bachata!” or some other type of dance you have never even heard of (what is bachata?). Dancers are curious people by nature, and passionate about many other things, especially about other types of performing arts. With them, you will discover new music, attend ballet or opera performances, and learn to appreciate different types of theatre productions.

You will understand what it truly means to trust someone

Dance moves are often sensual and at times, intimate. The first few times you see your partners glide across the dance floor while holding someone else closely, it might feel strange. You may be tempted to say something, or to try to hide the fact that you are not enjoying seeing them dance like this. But then, they will encourage you to try dancing with others, and you will see that these sensual moments are simply a means communication; dancers talk to each other through eye contact and body language. And there will be no better feeling than when you finally understand that their intimacy with other dancers only exists on the dance floor, and that you can fully trust each other.

They will always brighten your day

Dancing makes your body release endorphins which make you happier. Therefore, your significant other will usually be in a great mood after coming home after dance practice or a night out dancing. Dancers also know what it’s like to have a bad day; nothing is harder than trying to perfect a dance move and making look easy when you’re really struggling to suck your stomach in and keep your balance. They have also most likely gotten humiliated on the dance floor or in front of their entire class. This has taught them not to let little things ruin their day. When you’re feeling down, they’ll understand and know how to lighten things up and make you see the positive side of things.

You will become healthier

If you date a dancer, expect them to try to get you take dance classes with them, or at least go out dancing. Dancing helps you become more fit as it brings your heartrate up, and gets your blood pumping, which benefits both your body and your mind. Also, be prepared to substitute your burgers for a light sandwich or salad once in awhile! Dancers try their best to eat healthier, especially right before dancing, as dancing on a full and bloated stomach is not the best idea.

But they will pig out, and so will you

After weeks of spending many hours dancing, and burning off so much energy, they’ll come to point where they will want to eat every bit of food they can get their hands on. Expect them to host a delicious barbecue cookout, a scrumptious all-you-can-eat buffet or a giant mexican fiesta complete with the cheesiest nachos ever.

Some nights, they will just want to stay in

People who love to dance try to dance as often as they can. They’ll take dance classes a few times a week, and practice whenever they can. They’ll attend dance events, and go out dancing with the people they meet during the events. What they love all these, it sometimes gets exhausting. If you date a dancer, expect them to turn down outings once in awhile, in exchange for a cozy night in at home.

They’ll work hard to make you happy

Dancers know what it’s like to work hard to achieve something. That eloquent spin that they do on the dance floor took months of repetitive practicing and required a lot of determination. Dancers never quit and are more than dedicated to their art. They will be even more dedicated to you and if something is not working, you can count on them to do their best to make it work. They are patient and understand that sometimes, they’ll need to make some sacrifices and keep cherishing what they love – which is you over anything else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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