5 Ways “Draw Something” Is Ruining My Life

It’s the latest iPhone craze! It’s also kind of ruining my life. Here’s why.

1. I can never catch up. Each turn takes an excruciatingly inordinate amount of time. The first round is easy, of course. You’re thinking it’s the greatest thing since Shazam! And at first, it is. The next turn, though, you have to watch yourself draw. Then, you have to guess your friend’s drawing. If it’s a difficult — or made-up — word (see below), this can take days of contemplation and/ or solicitation of people who really couldn’t care less about identifying your college roommate’s rendering of Justin Bieber. And then… and then! You have to draw again. I soon learned never to get too excited about finishing a game, because I’ll inevitably have five more waiting for me by the time I’m actually done. I have gossip blogs to read, dude! No time for this crap.

2. Watching myself try to draw things is really embarrassing. It took me a while to realize that I can touch that nifty “skip” button at the top of the screen and avoid the agony of watching my painful “creative” process: drawing a line, erasing it, drawing a stick figure head, erasing it, and on and on. Yet, that button also takes a lot of the fun out of seeing just how long it takes for someone to realize that, yes, I was trying to illustrate the six moves that make up the Macarena!

3. My fingers are too fat. I mean, they’re actually quite petite, all things considered. But when I touch my index finger to the screen and start trying to doodle something that looks remotely like “Tebowing,” there might as well be a psychotic gorilla wreaking havoc on that digital canvas. What turns out is something that looks more like a wounded soldier with an egg above his head (ahem, that would be a football) and “CO->NY” scrawled in ransom note fashion. Yes, I cheated. Don’t tell me you haven’t!

4. It uses made-up words (or words that are really, really hard to draw). Can someone please tell me what a “metroid” is and how you would draw one? Because my friend definitely drew a “meteoroid” and I spent at least 48 hours trying to make sense of it and fit variations of “orbit,” “earth,” and other nonsense into the seven blank spaces. I finally admitted defeat and was faced with a word that I’d never even seen before. Since, I’ve been told that it’s a video game. How do you draw a video game? I’m currently considering litigation for emotional distress.

5. I don’t like people — or games — telling me what to do. “Words with Friends”? Sure, sounds fun. “Scramble with Friends”? Even better! But “Draw Something”? I don’t like your tone, game. I’ll draw if I feel like drawing, okay? Cool your jets. TC mark

image – Draw Something


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  • duh

    Metroid is an oldschool Nintendo game.  One of the more popular games besides Mario.

  • canasta masta

    haha, I agree with number 5. Except for me, it just seemed too apathetic. “Draw Something” if you want to, I guess. Doesn’t matter to me. Whatever.

  • MP9090909

    Draw Something would be better if I could bypass the “DRAWSOME” and “ROUND XX” screens.

  • http://www.nicholeexplainsitall.com EarthToNichole

    I love how I can tell when my friends are drunk based on their drawings. But I would be ok with never seeing the word “drawsome” ever again.

  • http://twitter.com/nawasaka Becky To

    I gave up on that bitch as soon as I realised I couldn’t get past level 99.

    Kind of felt like the idiot who’d been dating the cheerleader that wouldn’t put out.

    Not that I have any experience with that particular scenario. As a girl. From London.

  • http://twitter.com/Gilthwixt Patrick M

    Metroid is a video game series about creatures called….Metroids. Here’s a picture of one. And note that you don’t have to pick the pop culture word every time.

    • Anonymous

      hey, i didn’t choose it! i was looking at a drawing of a meteoroid, because my friend apparently didn’t know what a metroid was, either. classic mix-up… 

  • macarena

    “Yet, that button also takes a lot of
    the fun out of seeing just how long it takes for someone to realize
    that, yes, I was trying to illustrate the six moves that make up the
    Macarena! ”

    YES. i drew the steps to the Macarena. well attempted to.

    • Anonymous

      i forgot to mention the added layer of embarrassment that comes with acting out the macarena in a public place to get the drawing right…

  • thers

    #6, wastes my fucking battery

  • http://artfeedsmia.blogspot.com/ mia nguyen

    This game teaches you how stupid your friends are when they can’t get a word right. You can make fun of them irl. 

  • _____

    Once it becomes too late or I just want to get my turn over with, it goes from “Draw Something” to “Spell Something”

  • http://kharlamovaa.wordpress.com Arina Kharlamova

    I had to draw the macarena too… first I drew a cockroach for – la cucaracha – and then i drew macaroni and the guy whose hands i repeatedly erased and rearranged into different positions, like you. 

  • Girl

    I’d like to add that anyone with an i-pad and money for more colors is automatically a cheater.

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