An Inner Monologue Of Motivating Yourself To Work Out In The Morning

When it comes to exercise, it’s a double-edged sword. I want to look good, but I don’t want to put in the time or dedication to go to the gym. Who does? Binge watching Netflix and snacking on peanut butter is a much better way to spend my days! Each morning when my alarm goes off I wake up and undergo an intense debate with myself over whether going to the gym is a better idea than sleeping an extra hour.

Why is the alarm going off so early?

Is 5:30am a real time? It can’t be a real time.

The bed is so warm.

And the apartment is so cold. Why is it so cold?

Maybe I should turn off the air conditioning.

That’s a dumb idea.

I’m thirsty. Am I dehydrated? I can’t work out if I’m dehydrated.

Am I dehydrated if I have to pee? Hmmm, I’ll WebMD that later.

I have a little headache. Definitely can’t work out if I’m sick.

I could get up and work out tomorrow morning.

Plus I’m still sore from spin and body pump and that weird elliptical machine from Sunday.

Should I be taking it easy?

Have I been working too hard lately?

I did work all day yesterday and went to Target and made dinner. That’s a lot.

Will I think the same things if I wait to work out until tomorrow morning?


I went to bed late last night after binge watching the last two episodes of Orange is the New Black.

And I really didn’t sleep well either. I should try to get in an extra half hour.

Plus I read that sleep is important for weight loss so I could lose a pound by just going back to sleep.

Wow, I’m a genius.

Shoot — I’m going out to eat after work. So I can’t work out tonight.

And I was planning on ordering dessert with dinner. Something with maraschino cherries, for sure.

Are there such things as adult kiddie cocktails?

How old am I?


I definitely ate too much yesterday and “accidentally” ate most of a Costco size container of animal crackers because they were “healthy.”


I should go work out.

I should really go work out.

Ok, I’m going.

(7:00 am alarm goes off)

Whoops. Maybe tomorrow! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Ella Ceron

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