It’s Me, Your Creativity Notebook

Notebook plant creativity

Don’t worry. I will be different from last year’s Creativity Notebook. You’re going to use me, I promise. I’m not some $2 spiral pad from Walgreens. I’m Moleskin, bitch.

Put me on your kitchen table. See how nice I look. Sit down in front of me, take a quick pic for your story. Wait, we need a mug. Get a coffee mug out, a nice big fat white one. Now place that mug on my right and then place a pretty green leaf on my left and take a lay-flat photo from above.

Caption for the story: “Serenity.”

Now take some time to feel smug about how you’ll use me every single day of this upcoming year. You’ll write all sorts of things inside of me. Funny, clever musings. Funny, clever jokes. Funny, clever journal entries. Funny, clever wonderings. Funny, clever drawings you will be great at after you take a drawing class somewhere at some point maybe in the spring or maybe summer because spring is crazy but probably fall.

We’re gonna write so many funny, clever ponderings together.

But maybe not today because the photoshoot took up a decent amount of time and we’re tired now. TC mark


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