15 Things To Like Today That Are Good But Not Great

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Andressa Voltolini

1. Weather that’s not freezing and is instead “fine.”

2. Having a clean room even though it’s mostly because you just shoved stuff in drawers and closets instead of organizing it all.

3. A tv show that’s pretty good but not your favorite thing ever but you’re finishing it anyway so that you can say you finished it.

4. Someone who bumps into you which makes you mildly annoyed but then they say sorry but it’s kind of halfhearted but at least they said it so now you can just let your irritation go and think about something happier.

5. Someone’s tweet that made you laugh out loud but mostly because you had just woken up and were still a little delirious.

6. Your workday and how it hasn’t flown by but it also hasn’t been dreadfully ticking by either.

7. A conversation with a friend that could have gone on longer but at least you got to talk to them.

8. Getting to enjoy the peace and quiet in your apartment because your neighbors are normally so annoying and loud but hey they must be out tonight or something.

9. The respectable amount of time you spent procrastinating (compared to how much time you normally spend procrastinating).

10. One piece of news you heard today that wasn’t terrible or even mildly bad.

11. Thinking you were gonna be five minutes late so you were initially gonna text the other person and let them know but then you decided to just risk it and see what happened and then you actually arrived on time so they never had any idea that you were ever running late at one point.

12. Arriving somewhere five minutes late but then the other person got there after you so it was like you were early.

13. Traffic that was slow but not nearly as bad as you had expected it to be.

14. Having a decent amount of laundry to do but not enough piled up that it would actually be worth it to do it yet so you don’t have to feel guilty.

15. Laughing at something that’s not that funny but you’re in a more serious context so then it becomes way funnier. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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