18 After-School Rituals You’ll Only Appreciate If You Were Born Before 1995

Anyone who grew up in the early nineties can tell you there was nothing else like it. It’s impossible for us not to be nostalgic about our childhood – what with the Saturday morning cartoons, the weekend trips to Blockbuster, the infinite number of delicious snacks, and the seemingly never-ending cycle of amazing Disney movies. It’s an impossible experience to describe to someone; they just had to live it.

So for anyone feeling particularly nostalgic about that nineties childhood right now, here are 18 after-school rituals that kids born after 1995 will never understand:

Raise your glass to the best decade ever. TC mark

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Trace the scars life has left you. It will remind you that at one point, you fought for something. You believed.

“You are the only person who gets to decide if you are happy or not—do not put your happiness into the hands of other people. Do not make it contingent on their acceptance of you or their feelings for you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if someone dislikes you or if someone doesn’t want to be with you. All that matters is that you are happy with the person you are becoming. All that matters is that you like yourself, that you are proud of what you are putting out into the world. You are in charge of your joy, of your worth. You get to be your own validation. Please don’t ever forget that.” — Bianca Sparacino

Excerpted from The Strength In Our Scars by Bianca Sparacino.

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