17 Things That Happen When You’re In A Relationship That Can Be Both Serious And Silly


1. You love exaggerating one another’s unique quirks and teasing each other for some of your weirder tendencies.

2. But when you bring up something that’s actually bothering you, they never make you feel like you’re being dramatic or ‘too sensitive.’

3. Your arguments or fights can be really intense and emotional, but it’s not uncommon for one of you to crack a joke in the middle of it just to break the tension a little bit.

4. And when this happens, the other person almost always has a hard time keeping a straight face, no matter how frustrated they are.

5. Sometimes, you love hanging out on the couch or going out for drinks together and just talking about completely goofy and ridiculous things.

6. Other times, you have just as much fun having long, serious conversations about the future, where you see yourselves in ten years, and what things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime.

7. You have a lot of made-up words and phrases shared between the two of you, because you’re so used to constantly spilling your brains to one another with no filter whatsoever.

8. You love trying to make each other laugh or ‘break’ in serious situations.

9. But when one of you is really struggling with something and needing to talk it out, you both are always ready to drop everything and help and listen in any way you can.

10. Some of your favorite gifts that they’ve ever given you have been things that nobody else understood but that you totally loved, because they were inspired by some kind of silly inside joke that you’ll always remember.

11. The unspoken rule of the “I’m having a bad day, so please make me feel better” text message is that the other person will send a long, encouraging, and comforting reply – followed by multiple inappropriate gifs and pictures that make you burst out laughing unexpectedly.

12. You both detest typical adult necessities like cleaning and grocery shopping, but it’s so much less painful when you get to do it together.

13. Any time you’re stuck talking to someone that your significant other knows you can’t stand, they’ll just make funny, smug faces at you rather than coming to intervene and ‘save’ you.

14. Then you spend the right of the party or social event praying that the same thing happens to them so you can have revenge.

15. Even though you are wonderful and supportive sounding boards for each other, you’re also not afraid to point out when one of you is letting something stress you out or upset you way more than it should.

16. You’re great at using light humor to let each other know if you’re doing something irritating – and the other person is always great at taking the hint without getting offended.

17. Regardless of how much they drive you nuts, your life is still a million times better with them in it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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