14 People Share The Brutally Honest Reason Why Their Relationship Failed (In One Sentence)


1. “We didn’t know how to fight properly; it was all personal attacks and bringing up irrelevant issues instead of focusing on the issue that we were supposedly fighting about.”

–Beth, 36

2. “I never felt like I was good enough for him – because of the way he talked to me, the way he acted towards me in front of others, the way he made me feel like I was only a burden.”

–Shari, 26

3. “We didn’t know how to compromise with each other; looking back now, we were both only thinking of ourselves, and that was both of our faults.”

–Cory, 34

4. “We both had been cheated on in the past, so we had major trust issues and we never tried to work on them or work through them, but I wish we had.”

–Kathryn, 31

5. “Because we didn’t share the same values – politically, socially, sometimes even morally.”

–Bruce, 32

6. “Our careers became more important.”

–Sadie, 27

7. “I had really bad emotional intimacy issues, due to a lot of things that I don’t want to get into right now, but I didn’t see it until after everything was over, no matter how much she tried to tell me or work through it with me.”

–Jerald, 28

8. “Her family got way too involved.”

–Marty, 25

9. “I stopped trying, and so he started trying more, and that scared me and made me start trying even less, and then obviously it blew up in my face.”

–Audrey, 24

10. “She got a great job on the west coast and she asked me to go with her but I chickened out; I’m still not sure if it would have worked out in the end, but I wish I had at least tried, for the sake of all the ‘what could have happened?’ questions I’ve had since then that drive me nuts.”

–Jose, 30

11. “Neither of us was good at apologizing when we messed up or hurt the other person.”

–Janis, 25

12. “We moved in together way too fast, we weren’t ready yet – maybe we never would have been, who knows.”

–Gary, 23

13. “We’re both really non-confrontational, and instead of talking about stuff right away when it was pissing us off, we both avoided it until it blew up into one massive, awful fight every few months, NOT healthy.”

–Aleix, 32

14. “We never prioritized each other; everything else came first, jobs, family, friends, money, etc, when it should have been us making each other number one.”

–Gregg, 34 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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