17 Beliefs About Love You Need To Let Go Of If You Want To Be Happy



Let go of the belief that there’s only one right way to feel it, experience it, and live it.


Let go of the belief that romantic love is the answer to all of your problems, and that as soon as you find it, all the anxiety you have about your job and your social life and your overall existence will magically dissipate.


Let go of the belief that the reason you have not yet found your person is because you’re unlovable. Let go of every instinct within you that wants you to believe that something is wrong with you, or that something about you must be fixed. That’s the bad side of your brain talking.


Let go of the belief that everyone else’s romantic life or single life must be way better than yours, since it seems that way.


Let go of the belief that once you find love, everything that comes afterwards is easy and effortless and perfect and a total cakewalk.


Let go of the belief that you only deserve to find love once everything else in your life is perfect.


Let go of the belief that love is something you must cross off of a checklist, that you need to find your soulmate in order to be ‘successful’ and to be considered someone with a good life.


Let go of the idea that your future lifelong love must be perfect. Let go of the image you’ve built up in your brain – of someone strong and flawless and simply everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Come to terms with the fact that the right person can be imperfect while still being perfect for you.


Let go of the pressure you feel to explain your ‘single situation’ to that nosy person at that party. Let go of the belief that you are required to give them a detailed answer as to what could possibly be so wrong with you that you are ‘still’ alone. Learn that there is nothing wrong with politely or not-so-politely telling them to leave you alone.


Let go of the belief that everyone who is in a relationship is radiantly happy, and that everyone who is single is unbelievably depressed.


Let go of the belief that love should always feel weightless and beautiful and easy. Even with the right person, it can still be really damn hard.


Let go of the belief that there’s an age limit to finding new love. Some of the happiest people around found love at 43.


Let go of the idea that you can only be truly whole once you’ve found another person. They can make you feel whole and complete and known, but you can also do this on your own.


Let go of your desire to have every milestone in your life organized, planned, and scheduled down to the minute. You can control a lot of things in your life, but you can’t control how or when or even if you fall in love.


Let go of the belief that you need someone else to come into your life to make everything right. You can start that all by yourself, right now.


Let go of the idea that you’re alone. Because even if you’re single, even if you think you’re the most single person in the world, you’re still not alone.


Let go of the idea that finding true, incredible, soul-shaking love is the only option. It’s a breathtaking option, it’s a wonderful option, and I hope with my everything that it happens to you. But I cannot promise you that it absolutely will. End even if it doesn’t, you will be okay. Okay can still mean you’ll sometimes be sad, or lonely, or frustrated. But still, you will be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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