16 Everyday Relationship Moments That Are Actually The Most Romantic


1. Being able to constantly impersonate and/or make fun of each other’s weird little quirks.

2. Accidentally getting the giggles together in the middle of a really serious situation, where the sheer inappropriateness of how you’re behaving makes everything a thousand times funnier.

3. Having plans with a bunch of friends or another couple, and then celebrating together when the other people cancel, because you seriously did not feel like going anyway.

4. And then having an unplanned competition over who can put on sweatpants faster.

5. Feeling totally relaxed around them because you don’t have to exhaust yourself with boring small talk.

6. Being unable to help yourself from feeling fond of a lot of silly little things about them – like their handwriting or the way they sneeze or how ridiculous their laugh can sound sometimes.

7. Having them tell you that one of your major insecurities is one of the things that they find most lovable about you.

8. Not being grossed out or embarrassed to talk about normal bodily functions with one another. And being so comfortable together that it’s actually really funny to talk about.

9. Unintentionally taking on their favorite sayings and phrases in your everyday life, even the ones that annoy you.

10. And then watching them gloat about it and hating that it makes you laugh.

11. Picking up all of their favorite snacks at the grocery store and feeling excited because you know how happy it will make them.

12. Being more touched when they do a task for you that you hate – like laundry or the dishes or getting your oil changed – than when they get you some kind of typically romantic gift like flowers.  

13. Being able to bitch to them about someone in your life who is really frustrating you, without ever having to worry about seeming gossipy or worrying that they would say something.

14. Convincing them to finally start watching a show with you that they used to hate (Bachelor, anyone?)

15. And then ultimately having them be the one who insists on weekly dates spent watching it together on the couch. And spending all day at work looking forward to it.

16. Not feeling at all awkward if there’s silence between the two of you. And instead, actually loving it and feeling strangely comforted by it, because they’re your favorite person in the world to be with, silence or not. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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