26 Wonderful Little Things To Think About When It’s January And Everything Is The Worst


1. Looking at plane tickets, even if you don’t necessarily plan on buying one – just knowing that they’re there.

2. Dreading going to the grocery store but then having a fully-stocked fridge later on and being so happy that you went.

3. Journaling during your peace and quiet time, when no one is bothering you and everything is silent.

4. Being in public and seeing something on the internet that makes you LOL and being unable to stop yourself.

5. And then seeing some stranger laughing just because you’re laughing.

6. Getting home after a downpour and changing into your warm, dry pajamas.

7. When a song comes on in a bar or cafe that you absolutely love but that you had forgotten about for several years – and getting to hear it all over again.

8. Watching Netflix and knowing you have absolutely no deadlines or engagements for the rest of the day.

9. Writing or venting out everything that’s bothering you and feeling a thousand times better afterwards.

10. That time you laughed so hard that you almost, or actually did, pee your pants.

11. When a package arrives way earlier than you expected it to.

12. Getting home from a long trip and sleeping in your own bed.

13. Puppies that are friends with each other.

14. That one person who makes you laugh so much that they don’t even have to do anything – they just look at you and you laugh.

15. Finding old photos that you had forgotten about.

16. When someone is completely overjoyed over a gift you’ve given them.

17. Hoping that there’s a Harry Potter marathon on tv right now and having your wish come true.

18. Waking up on Monday morning and hating life but then remembering that The Bachelor is on tonight, and that you are totally okay with the fact that you’re excited about it because EVERYONE secretly is.

19. Feeling your bad mood lift as soon as you go outside or take a walk, even if it’s brief.

20. Getting a facial or a massage or some other luxury that isn’t part of your everyday life.

21. When your pizza arrives early.

22. A haircut that you actually like.

23. The Danish word known as ‘hygge’ that doesn’t have a direct translation, but that is meant to convey the epitome of coziness and comfort – holding a mug of hot coffee, spending a night in with friends, sitting by the fire. And knowing that there are people in the world who love this feeling as much as you do.

24. Waking up and remembering that it’s Saturday.

25. Falling asleep to soothing and familiar noises.

26. Getting so lost in a good book that you forget how cold it is outside. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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