19 Silly (But Also Incredibly Sweet) Signs That You’ve Found The Right Person


1. You’re typically most attracted to them when they look their least put-together.

2. You two often get into heated debates about shows you’re bingewatching together, and no matter how much you argue, it’s always somehow incredibly fun and entertaining at the same time.

3. You can both decipher the meaning of every single one of your facial expressions, without a word exchanged between the two of you.

4. Hearing them laugh makes you laugh too, every single time.

5. Even when you’re mad, if they laugh, you can’t help but laugh.

6. You often exchange looks at boring social outings that say Can we go home soon so that we can stop being fake polite and instead go back to being weird?

7. They’re the only person you have absolutely no filter with.

8. You love to imitate their quirks by heavily exaggerating them, because it never fails to crack them up.

9. And some of the times you’ve laughed the hardest is when they’ve impersonated you.

10. You love when the weather’s crappy because it gives you an excuse to stay inside and be totally worthless together.

11. Every time you have weird impulses or bizarre thoughts, you share them with your partner and they usually laugh, say something like “Yeah I’ve had that thought before too,” and overall just effortlessly make you feel less weird about it.

12. You get joy out of even the most simple routines you develop together, like how you’re always the one to pour the coffee and they’re always the one to get out the half and half.

13. You think they look cute when they’re sleeping, even if they’re making the most unflattering face you’ve ever seen.

14. And without fail, you’ll always take a picture to show them later, knowing they’ll laugh just as hard as you will.

15. This is your idea of a good compliment to one another: “Most people eventually end up annoying me, but I never get sick of spending time with you.”

16. You’re more inclined to high-five than to be about that PDA life.

17. You love sharing your appreciation for naps with each other.

18. You can brag to them about something as ridiculous as “I actually folded my laundry and put it away right after I took it out of the dryer!” and they’ll be totally proud of you.

19. Even the simplest text message can make your day, because as long as it’s coming from them, it’s impossible not to smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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