16 Men On The Biggest Dating Mistake They Made In 2016


1. “Thinking that getting a girlfriend had to automatically mean that I lost all my friends and my social life. I was too stupid to realize it just depends on the woman you meet and the type of relationship you have.”

–Nicholas, 25

2. “Not having the balls to commit to a relationship with a girl that I really liked. Because I wanted to keep my options open. When I finally realized I was being a dumbass she had already moved on.”

–Robert, 27

3. “Doing a long-distance relationship. All it did was make us both miserable.”

–Byron, 26

4. “I did a lot of Tinder dating and would always suggest the same bar/restaurant that I really liked. And eventually on an actual date, in FRONT of my actual date, the server kind of jokingly said something about it, I think meaning the comment to be harmless, but my date looked totally put off and she left as soon as she finished her drink. Can’t blame her, really.”

–Preston, 25

5. “Taking my girlfriend back after she cheated on me. It made me paranoid and distrustful of her and she ultimately cheated again anyways. It was an awful several months and put a damper on the whole year for me, as if 2016 wasn’t shit enough.”

–Lee, 26

6. “Only trying to meet girls in bars.”

–Gregg, 24

7. “Waiting too long to introduce my girlfriend to my family. She thought she was the problem, but it was my insane family that was the problem, but I never explained that to her and she broke up with me because she thought I wasn’t serious about us.”

–Spencer, 28

8. “Dating within my own friend group. Very bad idea, very bad ending.”

–Jake, 23

9. “Not asking my girlfriend to marry me this year.”

–Scott, 29

10. “Not trying more of those group dates or meet ups. Those things actually sound like a lot of fun.”

–Brian, 26

11. “Keeping things going with a girl who told me (on the FIRST date) that she had some serious trust and control issues. I thought she was just exaggerating and trying to be funny, but nope, she was very, very serious about all of it.”

–Chris, 24

12. “Dating a woman who was very obviously still very in love with her ex-boyfriend.”

–Arthur, 31

13. “Not dating more, because I wanted to – and it pains me to quote this – ‘spend more time with my bros and not get wifed up.’ All my buddies have girlfriends now and I’m always the third or fifth or ninth wheel.”

–Jesse, 26

14. “Dating a coworker. Worst idea. Awful breakup.”

–Jonathan, 25

15. “Trying to make it work with a person who very clearly only cared about himself.”

–Trey, 32

16. “Not saying ‘I love you’ back when my girlfriend told me she loved me, even though I loved her too. I just hadn’t said it since my high school girlfriend, who broke my heart. It ended up working out, luckily, but it really hurt her and set us back a few months and I hate that I hurt her.”

–Carlos, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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