If You And Your Significant Other Instinctively Do These 12 Things For Each Other, You’re Definitely Going To Last


1. You think about your plans in the future not just in terms of yourself, but in how said plans will benefit and affect your significant other.

2. You always make an effort to be sincerely kind to each other, because you know that as obvious as it may seem, it’s a mindset that becomes way too easy to slip out of as the years go by.

3. You never feel like you need to ask for their permission for anything, but you always choose to communicate openly with them before making any major decision, because you consider them your partner in everything that you do.

4. Even when you disagree on something, you respect one another’s opinions anyway, because you have so much inherent respect for one another.

5. You trust everything about each other. Your thoughts, your motivations, your behavior, your advice, your decisions, your wants, your needs.

6. You do things that you sometimes don’t want to do, without even thinking about it, if you know that it will make them happy or make their life a little bit easier.

7. You see, and often take, their advice, because you admire them and you know without a doubt that they have your best interests at heart.

8. And when they ask you for advice, you avoid telling them what you think they want to hear or what you think is most convenient for you, and instead tell them what you think will be most helpful for them.

9. You pick up their favorite snacks and drinks when you’re the one doing the grocery shopping, and you feel happy just knowing that they’ll be excited about having all their favorite food stocked up at home.

10. You actually listen to each other. You each pay attention to what the other has to say and you take each other’s words to heart and you do everything you can to be present and supportive for each other.

11. You feel one another’s secondhand emotions very intensely. When they’re sad, you’re sad. When you’re anxious, they’re anxious and they want to do everything in their power to fix it. When one of you is happy, the other one is incredibly happy too.

12. You can’t help but laugh just when you hear them laugh, because the sound is so wonderful when it hits your ears. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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