To The Friends Who Answer Our 2 AM Texts

To The Friends Who Answer Our 2 AM Texts

Because we’re lonely, and things are sucky right now. And we can’t fall asleep and we need to text you just to know that we’re not alone. Just to be reminded that if something was truly wrong, if we were in the grips of a serious panic attack or a never-ending stream of worry about where our life was going or just a moment of crippling loneliness, that you would be there for us. Thanks.

Or because we saw a meme on Tumblr and it was so funny and we’re so tired that it made us laugh so hard that we’re now in tears. And to let the moment wash over us without ever sharing it would never be enough. So we send it to you, knowing you’ll wake up, see it, giggle, respond with the crying-laughing emoji, and then roll over and fall instantly back asleep. And we will be satisfied with this, just knowing that someone else in the world laughed at the same moment we did, about something so incredibly stupid that won’t even be funny in the morning. Thanks.

Or because we’re drunk. And our brains are allowing us to finally admit truths to ourselves that we’ve been struggling to acknowledge when we’re sober. And we need someone to share these revelations with. And you’re the person. Because they are truths you’ve been trying to get us to understand for weeks, or months, or maybe years. Maybe a truth about how unhappy we are at work, or in a current relationship. Or maybe it’s just us admitting to ourselves that we finally want to take an acting class or go skydiving or go on a trip to Europe. And by texting you, we put this newness out in the world, and suddenly it becomes real instead of just a whispy thought floating around in our mind that will be put back into a box by morning. Thanks.

Or because we’re about to make a bad decision, like texting that person back who broke our heart and now wants to ‘know how we’re doing.’ And we know that we’re too weak to resist on our own. So we text you that they’ve texted us. And you send yelling caps back or you just gently tell us that this is not the right answer to make us happier or you just are there to listen and give advice that we know is genuine because you genuinely care about us. Thanks.

Thanks for answering our 2 AM texts. When we’re punch-drunk with laughter or we’re crying or we’re just wide awake because something in our life isn’t right. Thanks for letting us know that there’s someone who’s always there for us. You make the loneliest hours of the night feel a little less lonely.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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