21 Signs You’re A College Senior Who Officially No Longer Gives A F*ck

Bruno Gomiero
Bruno Gomiero

1. When you wear jeans to class instead of sweatpants or leggings, your friends ask why you’re so dressed up.

2. You spend more weekdays hungover than not hungover.

3. You’re starting to think that the freshmen actually look like fifth graders.

4. The idea of showering before class is a joke.

5. Your friends can get you to go to any meeting or campus event with them by telling you that there’s free pizza.

6. Your Halloween costume taste has officially evolved from ‘sexy’ to whatever is the warmest, comfiest, and cheapest.

7. Your visits to the library are 25% based around studying, and 75% based around socializing.

8. You’re not sure when you started thinking of Thursday night as the first night of the weekend, but it happened and there’s no turning back.

9. You love having group projects with other seniors, because instead of everyone wanting to meet several nights in a row at the library, everyone just divvies up responsibilities via group text and then shows up to class with the intention of just winging it.

10. You feel instantly bored and exhausted when a younger student asks you to explain the ~*stereotypes*~ of the different fraternities and sororities.

11. You’ve stopped wasting time hanging out with people you don’t like, and you don’t feel bad about it.

12. Making something for dinner that isn’t a bagel or a frozen meal is considered highly productive and adult-like.

13. You’ll go to any happy hour that exists, even if it’s a random 3 o’clock one on a Tuesday, as long as there’s good drink specials and free snacks.

14. You come up with the most random excuses for pub crawls, ranging from the standard Becca’s Birthday Pub Crawl! into things like Karl’s Going-Home-For-The-Weekend Going Away Party Pub Crawl!

15. Sweatshirts and comfortable jeans are your new go-to drinking outfits.

16. …And you still feel hotter than the freshman in the short dress and high heels. Because it’s cold out. And she looks uncomfortable.

17. People actually laugh when you tell them some of the classes you’re taking, such as Wine Tasting, Basket Weaving, or Ice Skating 101.

18. You start your papers at 11 PM the night before they’re due. And that still feels like so much time.

19. You get excited every time one of your friends gets a new job offer, because it means you just have to go out and celebrate. Oh, and because it’s good news for them and blah blah blah.

20. Your idea of an ‘early’ class is something that starts at 10 AM.

21. Your body feels like shit, but everything else feels great so whatever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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