18 Texts We’ve All Sent To Our BFF During A Seriously Bad Hangover

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother

1. Why did you let me do that?

2. Everything is the worst right now.

3. I want brunch but also I can’t move.

4. Come over here and distract me from my misery.

5. I’m honestly never drinking again.

6. No, I’m serious this time.

7. Order me a pizza.

8. Order me some Thai food.

9. Order me something that will make this all go away.

10. Texting is too painful for my eyes right now, just come over and hang out with me.

11. How many Advil’s can I take right now without dying?

12. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever feel like a person ever again.

13. Can’t.

14. I’m not even sure this hangover was worth it.

15. I feel like I didn’t even drink that much.

16. Why did you let me go on Snapchat last night?

17. Dead.

18. Okay, I’m feeling better now. Wanna grab a drink? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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