27 Hilarious Times Anna Kendrick’s Twitter Was Literally All Of Us

So much incredible snark in such a tiny body.
Anna Kendrick Instagram
Anna Kendrick Instagram

1. When the had the horrifying thought that every one of us has had.

2. When she vocalized something we’ve all imagined before.

3. This accurate summarization of what a lifestyle blog should actually be.

4. When we learned that she, too, treats her bed like a kitchen table.

5. Because we all want to be this person: 

6. The worry we’ve all had after watching anything on ABC.

7. When this tweet was funny but also incredibly true. 

8. When she shared the question we’ve all been asked before. 

9. The real reason we all need a relationship. 

10. When this was the best way to describe the “Sorry” music video. 

11. When she had the best movie suggestion ever. 

12. Because this question is honestly so real. 

13. When she graced us with the best advice on how to order sushi.

14. Truthful relationship goals, honestly.

15. This. 

16. The scary realization that every single one of us has been through.  

17. When she admitted that she talks to kids like this, too.

18. When she said this and it was so real. 

19. The daydream we can all relate to. 

20. Because it’s the little things. 

21. Literally the scariest thing in the world. 

22. It’s probably the latter. 

23. When she explained this situation perfectly. 

24. Carbs. Carbs. CARBS.

25. Yes. 

26. Word is so pretentious. 

27. Because we’ve all been through this. 

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