19 Teeny Tiny Things That Prove Why You And Your Best Friend Are Basically Soulmates

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation

1. You have each other’s takeout orders memorized.

2. You’ve been told more than once that you argue like an old married couple.

3. You’ve also been told that you tell stories together like an old married couple.

4. You are well-versed in one another’s hangover cure requirements.

5. Every Friday begins with a text that reads “What are we doing this weekend?”

6. You know each other’s favorite kinds of beer, wine, cocktails, and any other type of alcohol under the sun.

7. You can always text her a screenshot of somebody’s Facebook status or Instagram photo and she’ll always have the appropriate (and perfect, and hilarious) response.

8. Your finest moments together have been making plans to attend a workout class and then magically ending up on the couch watching a reality show instead.

9. Whenever one of you is at a social event without the other, you’re always asked where the other person is, as if you’re a couple that keeps tabs on each other at all times.

10. You tag each other in funny Instagram posts approximately once every twelve minutes.

11. You could correctly guess which way she would swipe on every single person that showed up on her Tinder account.

12. And you’ve probably actually done this before.

13. You bingewatch all of the same shows, usually together.

14. And when you discover a new one, it’s always followed up with a text to her that says, “We need to watch this ASAP.”

15. Every time Facebook brings up one of your Timehop photos, there’s a 96% chance that she’ll be in it.

16. You know one another’s romantic histories almost as well as you know your own.

17. You text in shorthand, you have a slang word for just about everything, and you basically have accidentally developed your own dialect together.

18. You laugh your asses off together and for the most part, consistently act like goofballs when you’re around each other. But the moment one of you is upset or in trouble, the other one is there in an instant, ready to help in any way possible.

19. You can’t imagine going through all the high highs without her, but more importantly, you can’t imagine ever going through all the low lows without her by your side. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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